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(Because No Two Skies Are Alike...)


Sola Generally follows Yorito who is a amatuer high school student with a passion for taking photographs, espically of the sky.

















Im usually a big fan of any real mystery presented peice, but i count mystery as mysterious as well, though sounding simular there completly differant yet great genres. Sola presents a very nice air of mystery in the show as it develops through. The sence of mystery does unfortunatly lead to some more than predictable outcomes but there enjoyable non the less, i will keep the spoilers short but honestly some things about Aono-san became obvious early to me if you pay any attention to her in the hospital. That being said the plot for the show was very interesting, if reminded me of Ef:the two tales seris really which i did enjoy alot. Episodes dont always leave you will a great cliff hanger (which to be fair isnt easy to always do) but they always reveal small parts of the story to you. Sometimes you might be feeling at  aloss as once every now and then the story takes some time to set across its point in the scene but dont worry, for these slow times the story does fit into pace and follow so you never feel to rushed near the ending. The ending of the show is enjoyable, i admit i didnt forsee the ending how it played it, the show lead me to belive all would be  obvious in its ending but i was greatly taken by supprise which made the ending all the more enjoyable. The storyline is a great one and has some nice up points in it im sure most will enjoy.



I think the style of most of this anime are well done and the scenery sure does stand out. You will commonly notice (possibly with the main character enjoying scenery photo's or just because they did a good job) that some scenery work in sola is very nicely presented, some have a great use a colour and look espically nice in the show, whilst others are just always nicely drawn.

Alot of skies will be shown weather its the sun rise in the first episode or the sun setting in the final episodes now these wont sound minor but some are quite beatifull. Im a big fan of the image to the left as i think its greatly done and looks so magnificent for art.

All in all most the art work is well done in Sola, you might notice some backgrounds do feel a bit cheap like in one scene where Yorito and Mana and walking together but these are very rare and usually are background images not made to be seen (in the scene i commented its zoomed in so its only small visual of backdrops)



Sola's soundtrack is great, unfortunatly i felt obligated to give it a 8 due to the smaller number of tracks in the soundtrack its self but some peices of music are truly great. The opening "Colourless sky" is a favorite of mine, the full version (and tv size) are great and songs i listen to on a common basis, also the lyrics to the song are nicely done but the melody probberly tops all. As said the soundtrack is quite small in general but some tracks are really memerable, upon finishing the seris i remember re-watching certain scenes for the music (this was whilst considering getting the soundtrack which i did) so there are some great tracks. The no lyric OST versions of background music are quite good aswell, some are a bit plain but most are nice to listen to. The soundtrack fits well with the show as they scncronise very nicely.



I feel i might be a bit bias here as i loved the characters in sola and has no real issues with them.

The main characters in Sola are all very to them self in there own way,i personaily loved Matsuri and Aono from the very start (before learning anything about them) as they both semt loveable, Matsuri the more playfull and Aono the more quite both make great characters but also Mana i felt was going to be boring but i ended up loving her just as much. The characters develop well through the seris, we start with Matsuri who is introduced nicely and moves well with the flow, although one negative was her story was falling into place so nicely but out of nowhere some scenes are just thrown on us (they just felt to sudden) but otherwise its all great with her, We probberly learn Kiori (i dont know how to spell her name) next as she is also Mana's sister who is in hospital with Aono (nice way to bring her and Aono into it in my opinion), we learn alot about her and Aono as they spend time together and the clever birds out there (such as myself xD) will learn a thing or two extra about Aono san early on which will be explained later but its nice to be able to guess. Really i think most characters are done well and develop well through the seris, they all are quite nice and uniqe to there own styles.



The anime overall if worth watching if im honest. The story feels good and the characters are loveable, it features some nice battle scenes as well as some past memories and the OVA was good to. Though a short seris is features some great elements of a truly amazing seris and i think its easy worth a 9 (im quite harsh giving above 8 so that means it is great), only reason i cut short of 8.5 was a few rush scenes but its nothing to pass the anime over on, i will say its a anime i expect to re-watch several times over (of course giving it some time)


8.5/10 story
8.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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