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Angel Beats!

Sep 4, 2011

Angel Beats

(1-2-3-4-5-6-7- All good Children Go To Heaven...They Wish

I Love This Witty Line On The DVD Box Set)

Before i start, you might think 10 is excessive for all area's i havent done this simpily because i love the anime, i really did think it was worth them, i will explain in the review but i wont Deny from the moment i started i was hooked on this anime and by the end i was addicted and it was my favorite.

(and my reviews are always spoiler free so dont worry if you think im leading to a spoiler in parts, i will cut it before i start)

Another Word- Angel beats is a Key animation, this might not sound like anything much but to some big fans of animes like Clannad/Kanon/Air this has a very big gap to fill if its to stand up to the rest of Key's work.

The story to angel beats is actually better than great. Its truly gripping, it will make you laugh, think, feel and cry. The story follows Otanshi who wakes up dead, this sounds off putting to follow somone dead, basically he awakens in a world, this world is assumed (by characters) to be between life and death, its discovered all people who end up here and teens/youths who couldnt enjoy there youthhood in life or wo suffered through. The idea of the world is to help people accomplish there dreams in which upon doing so they will vanish from the world (and so die for real but die happy instead there misserable self they would have been without the world) if this isnt sounding appealing dont worry it didnt sound it to me either. Even in the new world though theres always a enemy round every courner, Watch as otanashi joins the SSS and there battlefront against the student cousnil president Angel (Kanadi tachibana).

The story sounds kinda far-fetched to hear it outloud and episode one wont help it sound much better (though dont worry episode one is still great). The story line gets really good, very action packed and full of laughs, but that doesnt mean it will be a easy "life" for the students here, the anime throws some great insights to the characters lifes before death (explained better in characters section) which can only leave us all feeling very sad. The ending to the story is also amazing, it will be enough to make your eyes water (well if your anything like me anyways xD) The story picks up early and you will be hooked very early on, Great emotion is expressed through the plot wether its a feeling a happiness, pride or missery its expressed well and combining the soundtrack (which is awsome done, more in sound section) the anime sure stands out from the crowd.


I will start simple here as i must say it, the character designs are AMAZING in angel beats. I never credit much animes and great character design, i will say some are nice but this deserves my first ever AMAZING rank.The characters look visually nice to look at, but they suite there personaily so well to. My favorite thing is there hair, sounds weird, but you will notice in the show its self characters hair seems to stand out, the colours are really deep and sorta shine out. Otanashi,Yuri,Hinata and Yuii are great examples of this, Otanashi having orange coloured hair is very nice, its slightly differant from other oranges but it fits nice, Yuri having that purple colour to her is amazing, her hair its self seems to impulsive but it creates everything she says and does in a new way, Hinata having the blue is traditionally nice but with the extra vibrant feel and deeper inpact to it, it sure stands out, and then there Yuii, her hair is pink, very very pink, its so bright and deep but it makes her so cute. Also the adbormality in colour prefferances is great, ok its nor normal in anime to see purple and blue and pink ect i wont deny but almost all characters use these colour schemes here theres really very few with basic blacks and browns, they really like purple and pink and yellow in here. (Granted angels hair feels a bit boring though)

Anyway moving on, Angel beats generally set in the school doesnt offer a massive variety of scenery to rate but no worries, the well design of them make up for it. Take the stage in which "Girls dead monster" play on, or when Iwaswa takes her moment, the stage illuminates so well and as the meal tickets from "Opperation Torado" fly round its so beatifull. The anime never really feels its been done cheaply in parts and runs on smooth so with all this you can see the clear 10.


Well this is behond great here, for starters let me say i own the entire OST and the whole of the Girls Dead Monster on CD, after seeing the anime i didnt hesitate in buying them as there so great.


the ost for angel beats, i wont lie is only average, i was a big fan of some small tracks like "play ball" and "Otanashi" and though its simular "Theme of SSS" but some tracks feel to short and basic, it does offer some great ones though, i was a big fan myself of the track "burial" :D but really the OST keeping up with Kanon/Air/Clannad i could only call it average, its probberly about a 7.5 area

Although, they opening "My Soul Your Beats" is a amazing track and anyone who doubts it with the show has issues, but the best of them is "Brave Song" the closing track to the show, though the fade in image of the characters who are alive and dead this song plays so smoothly and softly, it actually made me really sad when one my favorite characters "died" or "vanished" as this song began playing at the end with the clips of them and i was almost in tears, the lyrics to the songs are also exception

"I have always walked alone. When I looked back, everyone was faraway
Even so, I kept walking. That was my strength" some good lines here but its much deeper further in, though i also love the line "Everyone will be alone someday, living on in memories only"

so why the 10? simple

Girls Dead Monster:

Girls Dead Monster is the name of the vocal band within the SSS, commonly used for distractions in missions but the band members are serious of what they do, you will learn with Iwasawa early on how serious she is but the music is beyond me. Its so great, the lyrics (wether you can understand em or you need subs if no differant) are so great, there reall music (something modern days has forgotten) and offer some great tunes/melodies. In the soundtrakc are many tracks which arnt played directly in the anime or some only which appear for a split second which could/couldnt be instramental, my favorite here is highest life, a great track which is touching and inspiring, but nothing will top "My Song"??? <-- this is the song name in the anime which Iwasawa sings on stage but in the album tracks you will find "My song" sounds differant, dont worry the other song is called "Ichiban Takmanaro" (something liek that, im not the best at remembering its name, also its title in the soundtrack avaiable in the US/Europe has a differant name but im unsure which it is) either way this track is amazing in full, the track comes with differant versions with the origonal, Iwasawa version and even Yui has a version o.o  there all great though sound simular the track is about 5-6min long and truly makes you think, i can undertsand most lyrics without the translation but even with it i still feel like sheeding tears when i hear this track

In all girls dead monster are amazing!!! and cap well more than a 10


I relise i talked alot so  i will hurry up.

The characters are again perfectly done, i think Key always hit the mark with great characters but the development in angel beats is through the roof.

All characters are rather unique to themselfs, wether we see our brave leader Yuri leading the SSS through more great times whilst holding her sob stories back, showing a brave face fighting her real emotions or just seeing the child like (Fuuko style?) Yui and her childish ways at taunting Hinata you wont feel a miss here, i have troubles choosing who i like most from them all, Yuri is a amazing leader who has gone through the toughest of times and her reality was so harsh on her aswell, Angel- though i wont say much due to spoilers lets say theres alot more to her than you think (i loved her in the final scene on with otanshi, was truly tear breaking espically with the stuff about the heart, i wont say more due to spoilers but trust me its good) but no matter who (i want to list em all) you choose all characters are amazingly done and feel true to themselfs with unique loveable qualities who could say no? (but all characters arnt always as they seem)

As said the designs on them are visually amazing, but also quite cute o.o i dont mind saying characters are cute but these really are, Yui is a addorable girl who seems so playfull and childish (as said above though all characters have something to hide) and even Yuri, she seems so tough but i imagine shes do dam addorable to know and i really would love to meet somone like her even if its just to hug her and tell her it will be all right (and really no point saying angel, if you dont love her you got something wrong with ya xD)

Character development is amazing, unfortunatly not all characters give us there backstorys, we all would love it but theres to many and its only 13ep's. But we are given the life of Iwasawa,Yui,Otanashi and Yuri (also bits into Hinata- though was never finished and bits into others these are the main stories you see in detail) and there stories are all tear breaking, its hard to top Yuri's which we learn early on but trust me theres some tearfull stuff in em and they are stories you will see why its so sad, but we can feel a loss we never got all stories as most wanted to see how people like TK lived and his death (i wanted to see most as they all seem so happy)

(above is just some character shots)


Its a show not to be missed, with a truly sad plot them laughs you earlier had will turn into tears, the sad stories and epics endings are enough to bring anyone in, and surely if death was this world i would join it

Addorable but serious characters, Well played and adapted music, Action packed tears of a story line- Angel beats truly is the best anime i have ever watched and it by far

Also one of the only animes i feel is worth far more than a 10 in each catagorie!

Below are some other pictures i got from the net (like above) which are just some contact sheets of images)

Hits from episode 1 (some amaing shots though some are ep2)

and one more generally with a focus on the Yui story:

I Hope you enjoy this anime, its serious worth the watch, i do recomend not finishing it in 2 or 3 days though, if you rush it you might loose value, i watched it episode a day and it felt amazing this way

the anime worth more than 10000 points

Hope you enjoy it

And Hope this review is helpfull :D :)

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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roriconfan May 3, 2012

The show ended in a very rushed way, so it can't deserve a 10.

CannedBread Jan 19, 2012

Great review. I agree with xDeviNx in that most amines do not deserve a perfect score, but I think Angel Beats nails it, and truly does deserve a 10.

NeiniAurora3500 Dec 30, 2011

Cool review. Agree with most points u make. I'm also thinking about writing a review or 2 on a few animes but I'm nervous about evaluating it right. Do u have any advice on what to look for or how I should suggest stuff?

ShiningStar Oct 2, 2011

Good review

i was a big fan of angel beats aswell, it was really touching and makes you want to cry

xDeviNx Sep 28, 2011

Good review. I think a perfect score is something no Animes can accomplish though, but that's my opinion. The only thing I didn't like about Angel Beats! was that the beginning didn't really grab me. I didn't have any clue as of what was happening. Luckily I watched on and found out what was happening because the story is pretty awesome. Also I didn't like the ending. (Well I loved the ending, but I hate when Animes end like that. Nice but very sad. It makes me feel like crap. A good kind of crap. Is that possible? Idk. But anyway great Anime. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.