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Air Summer Special

Aug 29, 2011

Air summer specials are the ending OVA's in the seris provided in the dvd boxset and fortells the story the story of Kannabi no Mikoto and her friend  Uraha and there guard Ryuya and there journey to help Kannabi meet her mother.


The story of the Ova episodes follows Kannabi and her friends as they journey on being persued by the guards to let Kannabi reunite with her mother unaware if she's even still alive. The story is well done, it sort of fills in the gaps which arnt shown in the anime seris when we are shown there story, i found the story very interesting, its got some good action going on and the chase is always interesting but its also quite a good laugh with how Lady Kannabi is.

The story is deffinetly presented and told well and if you have seen the seris (espically if you liked Kannabi) your only going to feel left out if you miss this addition to the story.


Animation + Sound:

Theres nothing much differant to the show in animation and sound (hense i put them together). The OVA uses the same soundtrack and voice actors as the show did and the scenery and animation is still as beatiful as the show was.



The characters are again same as the show, with a good laugh but a serious overlook you see them as they was on the show, really theres no real differance between the show and here besides you following these as your main characters so if you loved them in the anime you will be very happy here


Really there isnt to much to say about the OVA's as par to describing them without a spoiler but i felt they was a great addition to the show and are worth watching through, they help you feel a little more knowledgeable about the show aswell as understand the whole curse scenario alot more, really they are presented well and your loosing out if you dont see them so i would recomend not missing out here.


9/10 story
10/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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