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Air Movie

Air Movie:


This review is based upon viewing the movie AFTER the seris (as it should be seen) and so i recomend watching the show first



The story of the movie following the main Misuzu arc from the origonal anime varies around alot. Anyway, the movie is actually quite decent. Really i wont deny i enjoyed the anime's more but this was a retelling were it only had 90 odd mins to get through it instead 12 episodes + OVA's but i think it does a good job at retelling the story plot. As said it follows the main story of Misuzu and so we dont really see any real appearances from the minors here. Misuzu's story is to a degree quite nice here non the less, she basically is in the same situation as the anime but with more time between her and Yukito. The story is told very well and nicely, it runs in at a nice pace, it doesnt feel to slow (meaning the end is usually rushed... a bit like the show) and it doesnt rush into things, with its average pace the story is told nice and smooth and you can truly feel for the events taking place.

In small terms the story is well told here again and you get a nice feeling from seeing it as its like seeing a extended version of the origonal anime. Some parts in the anime did feel a bit better like the scene on the beach at the end when misuzu is at her worst in condition but really the movie hit all the main points down and was still very good.



The animation is really so-so in here. By all means its nothing bad, infact its still quite nicely done (do take to mind this is meant to be watched as if in a dreamy view so it wont be perfect) but they really did do a great job here. The only let down in animation is really the fact the shows anime was exceptionally amazing, so here its great but you might feel a bit let down. Without seeing the anime its animation is still worth at least 8.5 but if you have seen the anime you might only feel its worth a 7 but i feel its a good 8 points being fair. It still is good and dont be off put as it by all means isnt bad in anyway what so ever.



The soundtrack changes here a bit from the origonal animes. Unfortunatly it did miss some my favorite tracks in the show like there wasnt the main Misuzu track "Natsukage" used as much in the film which was a shame seeming i love that bit of music, but the soundtrack is still quite good. Really theres not much to say about it, its still good, but to listen to it (if you purchase the tracks) you might get bored quickly so its a good soundtrack but might become a little plain quickly upon repetition. I think it still fits well into the show but i just was let down by lacking of my favorite tracks (also i was let down to see "Tori No Uta" wasnt used for the opening)

The voices are practicaly the same as the anime so there isnt much to say here, if you liked the anime's voices you wont be dissapointed, if you didnt like em then you will be let down but really... i think the voices work well so there as good as always =D



The characters are more minor in the movie. The show mainly only is about Yukito, Misuzu and Haruko (i guess we see alot more of misuzu's dad). Really i found them to be some what the same which was good, honestly Haruko was a little bit of a shame, she was more a drunk here and semt less like misuzu's mother, on the origonal seris she is honest to the fact she just wanted to keep a distance to misuzu because the fear of loosing her to her parents but here she just semt more a drunk although the situation is the same. Yukito made me laugh, though hes a traveler i always find it funny because he reminds me of a homeless guy but he lives more like one on here but really i found him more real in here than he was in the anime, i loved him in the anime as he was more kinder and sweet weres here he is still kinda at heart but he feels more real in the terms of being blunt but he is still great, otherwise besides misuzu seems to be inlove with yukito shes every bit as sweet as she was in the anime seris, i love her on here though, shes very playful and acts more like her age and her interest in the winged people legend is realy ironic but cool, so she is probberly just as good as the show ^^

Really the characters are done well here, i think misuzu plays out the best from the moment you meet her and her personailty and how she develops is just great so i think the characters are great. the only reason i didnt score characters a 9 or 10 was because its only about such a limited amount which isnt bad considering its a re-telling but the fact we done really see Tohno or Kono was a shame (Kono does make a small appearance but its so minor its not worth mentioning, and Tohno only is seen in one scene which she doesnt really say anything. But still the characters are well done.


Overall i say Air movie is worth watching if you have seen the anime, Its deffinetly a great watch through. The story is retold and its retolold very well if i might add that. The story feels well done and the movie indeffinetly doesnt let down from seeing the anime, its really good and well worth the watch through for any fan of Air so dont give it a miss is my advise

8.5/10 story
8/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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