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Aug 28, 2011

I will admit im a big fan of Key animes and Air is no exception to the rule, its truly a emotional piece of art and stands well leaving it in your head for years to come.Parts of this review will feel like more a small written preview, sorry about that its just how i compramise so i wont give a spoiler.


The anime is technially spilt into 4 differant arc's or 3 arcs and one story. Lady Kana (Kannabi no Mikoto) is more a retold story of the path but it is non the less given a good place in the story.Its hard to review the story without the arcs so i will review the arcs as they make the story

First and formost the main arc of the show is Misuzu. Misuzu's arc is a interestingly sad long told tale. She keeping this spoiler free misuzu suffers a ancient illness dating back a thousand years which is odd as it basically is only reactive when she is beginning to feel close to somone, this causes her troubles in making friends. Due to this Misuzu has lived her life forever alone. She lives the summers out alone and learns that she is destined to be alone in the harsh world, that is till the day she meets the travelling Yukito. Its hard explaining Misuzu's arc without a spiler but i am trying, Upon meeting yukito her life is destined to chance for good, wether her life will go from bad to good or from good to bad only the destiney of the winged legend will tell. Her story if rather cute from alot of angles and the beauty she is always carries one sad tale upon her shoulders, seeing her story through you will find it hard not to feel sad.

Next and still relevant is Lady Kana (aka Kannabi)- Kannabi is the ancient final winged person alive (practically shes better descirbed as being a angel). Her story is based a thousand summers ago where she is under royal protection as the last winged being alive. Her story follows her escape the from en-prisoned protectiona of the guard with her loyal friends in a attempt to see her long lost mother for the first time. Her story shows the extinction of her kind and how the curse which was held is passed on from generation to generation, this is another rather sad arc, with a good chuckle here and there is of course some tear shedding

Next is Tohno, her story is a short one joint with Michiru, really it follows her life who Yukito was to discover how she has been slowly drawn from her mother, due to a small incident (keeping spoiler free) in the past she ends up becomming forgotten, Yukito spends time with her leanring the real tohno and all about her and michuru, thought tono might not the the girl in the sky she holds a air of mystery to herself.

Finally would be little Kono- her arc is presented first in the arc's her story opens with a mysterious scene which triggers her story into play. Kono is the little sister of the towns doctor, she seems normal but she is very insistant the ribbon tied to her wrist contains her magic powers. She opens the story to the past and due to a small mishapp she now suffers a small curse of her own, but the powers she wants could have a whole story to them. this is more a action thing to draw you in (i am refering to how i wrote this) but its hard without saying what actually happens in its end.



i never have lots to say on animation but i will try. Basically Air is spectacular at the least to say for beauty. I struggle to describe animation in most but Air can be summerised in the words "Beautiful" it really is a beauty. The scenery espically is exceptional and looks amazing. The character design also is rather nicely done, although i dislike how Michuru's hair is you can knock of points just because you dont like a style of something. Really most characters look exceptional and the scenery live up to there well known great reputation. it truly is great.


Again i will be short here but Air's soundtrack is really nice and well paced. Its a soft and soothing soundtrack which feels very nice and the melodies and very sweet done. The scenes music always blend together exceptioanly well so much that its enough to please anyone. The sountrack does a great job at making the scene direct its message to the viewer and shows only much more great potential, i personaily own the soundtrack to air and i can say the songs do leave a great impact on the viewer. Also i feel the soundtrack character songs are very well done and suited, i think "Natsukage" for misuzu is a perfect fit.



Well i feel i have given lots of idea to characters in the story i will keep these brief. The characters are great but you might feel a bit sad to. There personailties are great and unique from each other. The only negative is the character development feels very rushed, being a short seris its to be expected but before you begin to know one character no sooner than you know them you have to say bye to there story. But they are all unique mostly to other Key characters and there stories and personaities are truly great, the characters truly are amazing in air if im honest.


Overall Air truly is a wonderful piece of work. The day i finished Air i was on amazon ordering it and its movie because how good it was. Air really has a truly great story which makes you feel a bit sad, the idea of the story lines are made to become sad and do stand out exceptionally. Everything in air fits together so well, they truly do feel good to be watching but i recomend bracing yourself for some sad times. Its deffinetly if nothing else a exceptional story in intself. Theres few animes i feel are one of a kinda and Air is one of them, i do in-deffinetly feel its worth anyone's time watching, you will not be let down by its brilliance. Actually looking Back i feel i placed a bit to much imagery in here but i think it spices it up a bit :)


8.5/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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