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Aug 28, 2011

To summerize my thoughts on the anime (i know im not alone after viewing other reviews else were) the anime is just terrible but if you enjoy knowing why read into the horrible work that made this anime

Also note im note being one sided here, i tried being kind just i had probelms, honestly my scores felt generous. But its not really worth the 0.5 stars  i am forced to rate it...


Blantly speaking the story was awful, wait what was the story meant to be about anyway? ok i figured enough to guess its supposed to be your basic "love story" type anime, but this wasnt any kinda love story i seen, it was a story made for a really idiotic mind. Anyway so the story is a obvious to read through love triangle story, basically its Yamato x Suzuka + Honica, yamato spends forever chasing a girl, Suzuka who treats him nothing more than what could only be described as something which has fallen from somethings behind, dispite this horrible treatment he persues her, all the while he is after suzuka, honica his "close friend"?/ classmate has been holding a crush on him, sweet eh? (god she must have low standards...) Honica figures out shortly that Yamato has a thing for suzuka (not like its hard to see... somehow suzuka misses it but to a normal person its blantently obvious, upon discovering this she becomes ever more persistant in winning him over. Now keeping spoilers short (for the poor souls who still plan to watch this) she comes to relise how dumb she is... ok she doesnt come to terms with it but im sure she figured it out. No matter how she tries to push forward to the point she is pratically "on top of him" she wont win his affection over the girl who treats him like crap. Anyway from here honica ever more continues to persue him to the end, she decides to try harder in time and to gain him over... but well suzuka is there again... really im not reviewing the story am i? its going to show there is nothing more of the story to this little spiral im running in here. Basically the most enjoyable of the story line to me and my brother was running simulations through (whilst "watching") of how much more fun it would be for each character to die... this sounds a shame as i relise i was beaten to this by another reviewer but we did this non the less (funny that, its not as uncommon as one may think) oh and i suppose the other things we thought which didnt involve them dying was... that the show might be about 5% watchable if it was based around Yamatos useless friend and honica... ok do remember its about -5000% watchable at the current time.



Righty honestly i cant remember much for here so i will be brief, ok i wont call it awful, as you can see its the highest score i gave, the scenery felt kinda cheap at points but i wont call it all bad, the rain scene was being fair ok... otherwise the character designs let it right down here...

First of all characters noses was dumb, they either semt non exsistent  to the point it was obvious otherwise they was HUGE. seriously i mean HUGE. being so big it was creeoy, it made them look dumb and stand out to much not in a good way. Other things to note, the character eyes are so... empty... i mean they seem so blank like, there colourless really, yamatos eyes being black only made them boring, The eyes feel empty and blank they show no real pain,missery or joy they seem to just change the shape a little to try to make them sad or happy...



Soundtrack? theres not exactly one to follow so how can this score much? The music for the opening, honestly i couldnt find much wrong with it, i dont dares say it was good but i guess its was bad... its not to suited though. Throughout the anime the soundtrack is rather limited to a small amount of tracks. Throughout the show sound coulda helped made it better but really most tracks felt they was overly used and although some suited there casual moments they was nothing memerabal like something from Jun Maeda. Also some tracks are rather annoying, but some do have there moments of glory, i felt it was nothing bad i will say just annoying and over used.



The characters, i wouldnt know where to start here. There all dumb to be blunt and to the point really. Basically they are in-furiating to watch... that much that you wish you could reach into the screen to punch them. In summary- Yamato is a idiot, he peruses suzuka who treats him so bad its surreal, why? even if he won her she told him endlessly she hates him and she made it obvious shes not interested (wether or not its true later in the story is irrelevant for when he is having this slamed into his ears), so why would the guy could win her? well ye fine if he could he won a girl who basically says he hates him... trested/treats him terribly... i can see the romance already, oh also, He overly uses her sur name "Hasahena", now the fact he probberly uses this word about a few hundred times a episode is enough to drive anyone insane but even when he cools of on using the word he finds any situation he can use it again... (also for anyone who is a fan of "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, it just ruins part of Mikuru's name... now lots of characters share names but thats how bad it is, poor poor Mikuru). Anyways then theres Suzula, god i think words dont begin to describe not only how much i hate her but, how much most people who have seen this hates her. Well basically she has a split personaily one minute she is being a fair person towards yamato the next she triggers mega bitch mode. Basically anything he does, even if its something she should want, she flips into a rage over, she squims on and on making it seem like the whole world should follow what she wants only to moan she doesnt want it, honestly this is so dam annoying, but the fact she does it over nothing, basically if the guy said hes going shopping she'd get mad and go into bitch mode, if he says i think i will have some bread she will flip out, theres no working round her stupid way, but no to top it all she cries about being the bitch she is then spends a episode sulking so we see half a episode of her being mardy and everyone trying to please her, the few times she is half decent she quickly makes work to leave the scene fast (god this is a blessing) or she turns rage mode in within seconds. Anyways im going on to much here so i will move it on. Next and final main is Honica, Honica is meh, honestly shes a idiot, she basically a sweet, in all ways. She appealing to a degree compared to other characters (and shes not really), shes kind and gentle hearted, she really woulda made a more interesting character to follow. Now trying to brush of she loves a idiot (note i said trying) shes generally your slightly kind and modest girl who is rather nice but she seems so dumb. Most things she does seem to result with a dumb outcome, and i dunno if the writers thought this through but why didnt they use her? shes the only half decent character. Other characters who r to minor to waste time mentioning generally actually are "ok" nothing good or bad about em, or a few good and bad traits but hey no one is perfect.



suppose your all bored by now, i sure am. in general the show makes little sense and just annoys the viewer. I strongly and i mean with all my heart recomend you DONT watch this. Theres nothing good to this anime and words cant hold how bad it is. I wasnt being one sided here to be fair, i tried being nice but so many negative reviews on other sites only help my point show how bad it is.Its honestly just do bad i am ashamed its even known as a anime...

Really its just not worth watching, i recomend look for a better story, if you want a love story triangle, try Ef: A Tale of memories (or melodies) if you need a comical appearance to a show try Fruits basket just dont watch this...

Warning- if you do watch this anime, you probberly will be sitting in my chair writing this review again or thinking you wish you did something better with your time.

I feel bad having to waste time recalling watching this anime, its embarassing to know i have seen it but i think its best to offer a warning to others.

0.1/10 story
4.5/10 animation
3/10 sound
0.1/10 characters
0.5/10 overall

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brokensaint058 Jul 23, 2012

Have to disagree with you here. Taste does vary among people and I will not bash your opinion on it. I found this anime to be bland. Mediocre and cliché on every aspect of the show (henche why I gave it a 3/5). The character motivation is at times very questionable, the supporting cast offers nothing but throwing oil on the fire (Yamato's dumb friend being the devil there) and overall the slow, oh so slow pacing of the anime. The only half redeeming factor of this show is, I guess the sports setting. The animation is nothing stellar to write about either. Bottom line: there are indeed better watches out there that tell similair story, but doing it better.

ShiningStar Oct 8, 2011

Your dumb Icepeak this review said exactly what the show was, i mean what a boring anime, im offended to call it a anime. no one likes it in my eyes! Crap anime and was a waste of my time watching!!!

Madoka Oct 7, 2011

Hmm your forgetting something, a review isnt to be based on your own opinion... as stated besides sitting through the boring whole show (i can lay down the crappy thing bit by bit for you) i posted how it relayed its plot line and how it developed, you just said it was good but should be shortened... why? if you like it thats fine, but you need evidence with reason, my evidence to call it bad- simple i can link to endless sites with people reviewing it and it never scoring above a 2/10 and the fact (most importantly) i can refferance clips from it and explain what was so bad, give the characters a brain, remove the stupidity and ok maybe it might scrape a 2... but provide reason in further cases, all my reviews i never recive people saying im biased to my own view, many things i watched and didnt like but i still try to be kind.