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Black Rock Shooter

Jul 9, 2011

I was unsure what to expect from Black Rock Shooter as i havent been interested in 1x50mins animes as i fail to see how they can have anything much of a story. Now by no means i will say its the best or worst of anything. Considering the 50mins restriction the show was actually better than i expected but did suffer some minor problems.


The story line is a good one but can be very difficult to understand. The story follows Mato Kuroi as she is starting her new school year. She now is joining the life of a high school girl, though curious a girl she is she stuggles to hide her excitement for the new school change. She was egar to start high school and though enduldged with her surroundings she is egar to make herself a new friend who turns out to be the very girl she noticed that morning arriving in the car

The other side to the story follows Yomi. Yomi has just moved to town and is a rather shy and quiet girl who seems to wish to be alone. It is later discovered she has little friends as she moves round alot and never stays in one town very long. She makes friends and grows very close to Mato. The two spend there first year doing everything together and swear to be best friends.

The story cuts in the lives of these two with some interesting battle scenes. These never make much sense though till the end as the characters battling become obvious replica's of Mato and Yomi. Wether you see it a alternate universe or another world i found this a symoblic battle accross to display there views. This semt odd considering there best friends why would they battle?

Later in the story as the two advance to 2nd years there classes are split but the two vowe to be friends non the less. Mato is in a class with her one of her basketball club friends Yuu, and the two become better friends. Yomi however doesnt have the desire to make a new friend and wished to follow round her true friend Mato. All goes well but Yuu and Mato grow closer and Yomi begins falling behind quickly. Though trying to hold her friend Mato she feels she is loosing her and sure enough at the end of one school day Yomi never turned up to meet Mato. In time Mato grows to discover Yomi has vanished and the police have been looking for her sinse, but she is assumed missing most likely kid-napped. This hurts Mato due to she still saw Yomi as a true friend. But why did she vanish? and were has she gone?

Whilst these events take place you will feel ever so loving the plot, its rather differant from most high school settings and it gives a flavour to reality of one friend feeling left out from the other as they make friends. Common battle scenes are shown between these more darker styles of them but its never easy to follow to the end.


The story is good and strong, it feels a little rushed in places as it was fit in less than a hour, i doubt the show needed a whole seris but i think putting it into a 3EP OVA set would of done the show wonders, but being one it does suffer some loss in key moments here and lots of misunderstandings of the plot are the result of this. It gives a good reality aspect to how life is for high school students and how friends can cause problems which i think blesses it some bonus points. The story stands strong really it just feels rushed around some parts.


There are common views on this aspect. I Feel the animation was just average, the scenery was commonly on a scale of its own in excelance and it set the setting well but there was nothing to special about the animation in the anime conisdering its great reviews saying so

I will say the alternate world/realm or what ever you wanna call it was done well though, the scenery could be as simple is black and white and look superior to anything. It was so perfectly done and created the mood well for the scenes. Other than this i have little to say here though.



again the soundtrack was small but sweet. it worked for the scenes it was needed but there was little to it than that, it did a good job when it was needed but due to the tiny size of a few tracks theres nothing to special about it



Im unsure about other but i think the characters was greatly done. Mato's starting off as a favorable kind to me i couldnt help but love her, as Yomi was introduced looking at her i thought she wasnt well done due to her hair style and so i felt a disliking to her but in the end i grew to love Yomi alot more than Mato, i actually found myself disliking mato till the end were i took that back.

Mato was very great for her personality, she was friendly and egar which is shown well but i feel glory to Yomi here. Her quite but mysterious look served her character well and i dont think i seen any so better at portraying a jealous character (hiding the jealousy of course) then yomi did.

The way they developed was well done for a least. i would like to say there only 10 and nothing more but i feel Yuu was never shown to well in any light and the end scene with Yuu confused me. Also with only such a small focus and a switching between the darker sides of them they could become odd to follow so i  feel a 8-9 here was due.


The show is really good and stands to have a great potential with further development on episodes which sadly wont be seen, the rushed feeling is a hard to miss feeling in the show. Non the less however rushed it feels it is one amazing story in its self, it does wonders for its self and is very myterious.

The story doing a great job is let down with the confusing end, there is a scene shown AFTER the credits (most miss this due to thinking its done) which without spoliers leaves us confused a little, though it ties of some ends i cant help feel it only added another mystery which wont be answered.

Other than that its a show worth watching, for less than a hour of your time you will relise its well out in the great things... just dont feel supprised if its feeling rushed...


8/10 story
7.5/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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