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May 24, 2011

Life is never easy for a high school student and in Toradora this rule doesnt fail to stand true.

The story follows the two main characters Ryuuji And Aisaka who are two unique individuals. Working closely to the main two characters we have 3 others who also play major roles throughout most of the seris. Aisaka is the schools "Rebel" girl who most fear, she holds the nick name "Palmtop tiger" due to her small stature and her snappy and aggresive traits- the traits of a tiger. Ryuuji himself dispite rumour is a more gentle minded person who has some weird obsession with cleaning and considered mold his bitter enemy, due to his appearance which is apparntly strikingly familular with his farthers (whom which doesnt appear in the show) he is avoided in school and considered a dangerous person. Whilst spacing out in the corridor Ryuuji bumps into the small Tiger and so begins his new life as her "Dog". Dispite Aisaka naming Ryuuji her dog they both in time come into friendship terms after some long events Ryuuji would probberly rather forget.
Ryuuji discovers Tiaga has a crush on his best friend Kitamura and she learns of Ryuuji's long running crush on her friend Minorin. With struggles down the line the two agree to assist one another in getting the one they desire.

Now this is a typical start of a romance plot, but actually the thing what makes Toradora so differant is that it doesnt play out so typically. Toradora plays these plots well twisting and turning the way you think it will develop so its not just going to be a simple basic love story. One Ami-chan is introduced this does stir round things more as it is hard to decifer if shes into Ryuuji or not but her views do become more apparnt later in the story.
The show keeps strong as its plot follows the 5 characters around and dispite Aisaka and Ryuuji's secret pact to assist one another in confessing to there crush the story holds more than just love scenes. The characters develop really well as the seris advances on offering more than just some typical show, they respond to events more like you would expect somone to in reality meaning the plots are that much more gripping and adictive as you get further in. The characters all being uniqe in there many ways offer lots of funny and humerous plot lines whilst keeping into the drama of the show, instead other comedies which trail from the story to be funny. Characters give a true sense of reality to them reguardless how they might seem they all have true feelings and no matter what happens and how strong they like to appear they all will feel hurt at some point as all people do in reality, which is one thing which is gripping. When all is said and done, dispite the way the story twists all its plots up alot of the plots trail out as to be expected, not all do as some conpletly took me by supprise like the events between Aisaka and Kitamura and Minorin but some do stick to the basics which can be a real shame. The character developments are a huge part of the seris in its self and play a great part in scoring the anime the points it deserves.

The way the show end's episodes make you want to continue watching without relising. Monitoring the way they end they dont sound at all special but they leave one small aspect which is enough to make you have withdrawal if you dont see how it ends. From start to end Toradora offers lots of interest, from the mix of Drama, Comedy and Romance the anime is able to keep fresh and origonal with somthing always happening to keep viewers interested. The start of the show isnt to confusing unlike alot of animes (it doesnt need to watch 3 episodes in to make sense of the first episode) its pretty simple in episode 1 which is a nice change to be able to sink into the story instantly. throughout the story as mentioned the storylines change alot keeping to the main plot but implementing many interesting aspects to them. The shows end is interesting, dispite the way the show plays out from episode 20 you will be hooked into watching the remaining 5 episodes all at once. The dramatic scenes ending episodes 20/21/22 and 23 all are really gripping and intense. episode 24 offers a odd turn of events for most anime ends but turns it round with a odd end in the final episode. the ending seems weird but nice in its own way throughout the final episode, and of course will will feel sorry for everything whats lead to this. Assuring you keep tuned as the credits play you will see the closing scenes (somtimes missed due to haste of never watching credits) and see the true end to the show which with no form of spoiler is intreging at the least to say but it should make the viewer satisfied.

The animation is fairly well done. Somtimes you will notice some cheap cut but this by no means is anything compared to the great look displayed in the show. The scenery used is rather a bless of beauty is im honest. it uses many scenes instead based within one area. Later in the seris you will notice alot of well done scenes in some big events or dramatic scenes. somtimes i do wonder if they tried to hard with the quality but this has no negative effect so usually you will stay in the clean and safe zone.

The soundtracks can let users down. I never personaily noticed much to it unlike most animes were it becomes how attactive the music makes the show. But the music dispite not standing out isnt as relevant in this type of anime, but that doesnt change it does cost the show some heavy points down the line. This non the less is with the exception to the shows Opening and Endings. The show features two openings and ending themes, the first opening scene "Pre-Parade" is actually odd. A New type of music for some animes, is well suited for Tiaga herself and maybe Ryuuji aswell and quite matches the start of the seris so actually it is rather well thought through. The second opening track "Silky Heart" is well placed, as the show turns from the humour and begins focusing more on drama and tragadies with romance silky heart is stright onto the opening and couldnt be better done, the song describes everything happening within the show at the place in time and the animation playing with the song is also really well constructed, the theme its self is well worth purchasing and scores great points. The ending themes "Vannila salt" and "oranges" are well done aswell. Vanilla salt is a great peice of music and assuming you follow its lyrics well it is again really well placed. The theme "oranges" suits the end episodes more than any, but i really love the lyrics to this song as it reflects the thoughts of Minorin, Ruuji and Taiga really well, but alot forget Ami-chan here of which it blends so well with her.
Though the soundtrack its self might not be worth the money to everyone the opening and closing themes are a must have for your anime soundtrack collection.

The voice acting is actually espically exceptional for this seris as it offers some the best voice acting around. I think that Aisaka and Minorin are espically well done. Ryuuji and the others are well done non the less but i must say Aisaka and Minorin are more than exceptional as there emotional reactions are so realistic and well done. They follow the real emotional plot really well and react realisticly, i love how Aisaka reacts to things dispite her tough outa shell she still has a true inner self to her. And Minorin is exception as no matter how it plays out shes happy or sad she reflects the emotional really well.

Overall the show is one great bit of work, i really enjoy anime but this is a true favorite. the storyline and plots grip really well together keeping, it both interesting and full of drama with a great side of comedy and the romance shoved in making a true life for a scene. The characters are loveable and real great stars who play there parts well. The ending is a let down in its own way, i was pleased with the way it ended but i felt the final closing scene dispite being what i wanted to see was the unfortunatly semt crampted into a minuite which is a shame but the show is not really held down by the end. The seris offers some fun interesting comedy with good moderation to the seris, with the comedy the seris holds amazing amount of drama and some real serious trumatic story lines and some sad emotional scenes its deffenetly worth the watch and i would glasp it a simple 10/10 if not for the soundtrack. The seris is in-deffinetly worth everyones attention and should never fail to dissapoint and i recomend to anyone out there.

10/10 story
9/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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