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It's been a while since i wrote a review but i figured i would begin again here with this series.

So i will first start by saying i watched this in 2 days, i normally only watch maybe 2 episodes of a series a day but i caught up on this the day it finished airing (i thought it was 12-13 episodes, reached 10 to learn im done) so let me say i was impressed for it's works in keeping me hooked as i normally hate watching even my favourites so rapidly.I wont waste too much time here so right into it:


The story centers around our main guy like any harem or romance would, difference is he has a power he names "Absolute Choice", in short he has a mental "curse" in which he is forced to make choices (usually weird or dumb random things) of parts of his path to take in life, this is of course where our comedy stands, if he doesn't choose a choice he will suffer extreme amounts of pain (like a empowered headache?) until he does, meaning he is forced into it really. The choices can be anything from "forgetting the memory of a certain event which happened" or else deleting your "special" girls folder on your computer, there are a few serious ones but mostly just random nonsense, this of course isn't bad, this is where the show stands on it's comedy, though you might think some choices are just plain dumb they are mostly quite entertaining and funny, good thing is, it never really gets old.

I liked the concept of building a series around the choice aspect, it made it's point in the opening of the first episode (maybe a bit to long though) about how every action people take can essentially be the line between genius or stupid or progress and failure and it though not to serious is just that, one choice someone might laugh, might be disgusted or might cry where as another choice one might love, one might even get violent ect, you get the point. This concept being uncommon used and quite entertaining has downsides unfortunately, there is no real plot. The main idea of the "plot" is our main guy trying to rid of this "curse" in which to do so he has to do some missions like "make a emotionless girl laugh" essentially again normally comical but kind of bland objectives. This is fun in it's self as it enhances the choices, sadly though for someone looking for a plot, you wont find anything beyond that, that being said it isn't really a bad series for anyone who wants to laugh or enjoys a romance comedy/harem.

One other story aspect is the school ranking, popular 5 vs reject 5, all is in the text there, the school has a popularity ranking with the 5 most popular or attractive or whatever and then the reject 5, normally the weird people which pretty much all our characters slide into in one way or another. Part of the story could be associated with how the reject 5 are viewed by classmates and of course the festival "showdown" of the 2 sides "battle".

I give it a 7... it's nothing special but as someone who does in-fact enjoy a romcom it was very fun and a lot more unique than others, it isn't made to be serious and if you aren't looking for anything serious and just want to smile this series will gladly help. All in all as someone who likes a good laugh, doesn't mind a romance comedy and has no issue with harems as long as it has something more to it (which this does) i enjoyed it and think it was well worth praising.


As always, im no pro in rating animation, it's either good or bad or appealing or whatever and unless some issues are apparent that's about it. This one falls into the "Good" group, it's art wont make you drool as if it's some art of the century but there is nothing much wrong with it. The series is mostly quite bright and very well coloured, the character designs are well done and appealing and the scenery holds no problems and looks good. Basically it's good for visual and animated fine, so a 8 here (i only rate higher for exceptionally good animation), so pretty damn good.


Something this series should be proud of. The sound track is fun and well matched, with a likeable OP/ED and decent character songs what could one ask for? of course BGM, the background music is well done with matching sound effects and scenery noise as one would expect, there isn't too much to say other than it does it's job fine and really it quite solid for a series, what more would one ask for? The Voice Actors was also great, i wont spoil characters here but i will just say they all played their respective roles very well and really brought our some personality to characters.

Probably a 8 here.


Like many i think this is where the series shines. The characters are quite unique despite using what might be considered "normal" personalities, i wont go into who is who but it has a good mix match up and characters which really just make you love them. But what makes them fun? A fair question considering that they do infact use old traits, it's probably how they are all like a coin, 2 sided. Despite outside appearance they are all really just girls in high-school who are into someone... granted it's how they express or show this which creates a outer shell but comedy comes from here. This might sound a bit dull but i can't think how to describe it, lets just say in short i loved just about all characters in the series. Sadly it is another one of them dumb male leads who has no idea about anything but i didn't mind him by the end... mainly how his choices make him funny at least :)


Overall, if you enjoy a serious story with a plot this wont be your cup of tea, if however you enjoy a good laugh and a series with likeable characters this might be your thing. The comedy is great, it made my mouth hurt from smiling so much, the choices was even a bit of fun, The series is one which is a great laugh and does which others can't, it feels unique but is actually funny. The sad thing about the series is it was only 10 episodes in length which really does leave you craving more, also the ending wasn't all to my liking though im not sure if that's just because they want to do something like a second season or what but that aside it was a great series full of laughs and i really recommend it.

6/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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