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Kiss x Sis

This review is for the OVA series seperatly, My series review is HERE

Do note the OVA series is ongoing as the moment and this review was written as of episode 08 (technically 09 but anime planet hasn't inclused episode 00 so its 08 as of here). do be aware this OVA series is mega strong on ecchi and contains a lot more Erotic scenarios and situations in comparison to the series which are a lot more detailed and make this very erotic, the series comes to being borderline hentai in my opinion, but this is just a warning in advance).


The OVA's are set throughout different points in the series, but they seem to follow order. The first OVA(s) start around the start of the series/before the series starts, as the episodes go on they are set in later points through the exam period and then onto when he is in high school. They do stick to chronilogically ordering so don't worry (meaning say episode 01 is set at the start and episode 02 was set around the start of the exam studying from episode 02 they will be from that point and later, not jumping back and forth, basically meaning the episodes work the exact same as any anime series). The OVA's being set in different parts of the story offers us some side stories of events which happened in the series (not shown) and also gives us a small continuation to the series. They do well in developing the characters but also take the ecchi to a bigger level (explained below near the end).


The animation is something the same as the series and constant and fluent, i wont say more as my last review covers most of this.


Similar story to animation, new OP/Ed though, some new BGM's which are actually quite good. The new OP/ED are also still really good, not as good as the series but still great.


This is where the OVA's shine, the character development is great. We learn lots more about Ako and Riko, right down to all their weird games they like to tease keita with and in general their 'real' home life outside the exam period. Also most side characters have been really well developed offering a little more information about some and just generally making us love them, the teacher in the 8th episode was just great but also really cute, this also applies to Mikazuki in the previous episode. So good character developments here.


A quick alert, this OVA series is basically touching borders of Hentai, seriously the stuff are extremely erotic (when talking for a ecchi anyway) and it really pushes the Ecchi border lines before hitting hentai so a quick Warner for them who don't mind light ecchi but too much isn't their things.


True its very Ecchi based but i love the OVA's a lot. Besides the awesome character developments the series is just great, it’s really funny and some the situations are real fun. Also for the hardcore Ecchi fans the increased scenes is there but some really are easy to get really into. The ova series (to this current point) is a great expansion and the series and i hope they keep it ongoing for some time.

7.5/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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