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Kiss x Sis TV

Mar 9, 2013

Kiss x Sis (TV)

Right then i will as always do my best to keep this as close to spoiler free as possible whilst offering as much helpful information as i can.

So starting with the story/plot line:

The simple version of this story is that Keita (our protagonist) is a Middle School student who is striving his best to achieve the needed grades to get into the high school of his choice, which is also the high school his twin sisters attend. Yes Keita has two sister who are twins, Ako and Riko, now before i say anything more i should make it aparant these aren't his real sisters (don't worry this isn't a spoiler it states this in episode 01). These sisters both are in love with Kieta and consider one another love rivals but also work together to gain Keita's affection. As Keita works hard on the studies he is constantly side tracked by the 'charm' of his sisters, from Riko's pervy jokes and forced situations to Ako's study sessions consisting of writing information accross her body he must focus his mind to his studies. Whilst his sisters understand he needs to study this doesn't stop them trying to sneak into his bed for the night but they do honestly want him to pass, they just get lonely without him. The sister shared a strong bond with Keita since they was younger (explained through several memory scenes i won’t cover for spoiler safety reasons) and now having grown older and mature have both come to love him.

Unfortunately for Keita school isn't much of a haven either (his sisters are one year ahead in high school so they aren't in his school anymore), from his friends who are jealous of his home life and make sure he knows it (rather pervy) to his underclassman who insists on what it makes seem winning his heart... by gladly flipping her skit for him, to his classmates who just casually find themselves constantly stuck (sometimes literally) in tight situations with him... resulting in her weak bladder to kick in, either way keita is always kept on his toes in his life.

For me the story was decent, i like how its holding a true message of a Japanese student as they earn their path into high school and shows how tough a struggle their final year in primary/Middle School (which ever you call it) really is. So besides holding a true message i quite liked the dedication his sisters hold to him, even if it is expressed oddly.


Righty i never have much to write here so as always i will keep it simple. The animation was quite nice in the anime, though character designs are simple (not really simple but not the top high end stuff) it’s clear some good work was put into the animation work. The animation its self is quite consistent and doesn't drop loose frames or bad shots, infact a lot of background art work was very good and i actually found no real problems to speak off so i was quite happy with animation.


The OP/ED to say the least is catch, actually after the first episode i had the ED stuck in my head for days, i also found myself catching onto the OP tune after only 3 episodes humming them both on the bus sometimes, so very catchy tunes and some well suited tracks to the series as well. For background music, a lot of it felt well placed, i can't say i loved all tracks but they still worked well and i think they did do well for music.


Right then, our main two twins Rico and Ako, to me i quite liked these 2 (im a Riko kind of guy though, i felt Ako got more screen time as well which made me sad) but anyway on with them. Riko is apparently the more 'daring' and 'perverted' of the twins (though later it's hinted Ako is more perverted, this isn't a spoiler as you will see anyway), she is usually more calm in situations and plays teasing jokes and pranks to make people uncomfortable but actually she is quite sweet and caring and actually at times shy. Ako is more calm and steady with these jokes but can be quite uncomfortable a lot of the time, she is skilled in the kitchen and is the smartest of the two twins which she likes to use against Riko at times. The two have their differences but when it comes to Keita they both normally can come to work as one (except the constant attempts to be 'alone' with him). The two are dedicated and well worked. Keita as a main character is simple to me, he gets carried with the mood sometimes but he tries his best to hold back restraint, this is a little more lacking in the OVA's however. There are also some good jokes played in some our side characters, energetic ones to the shame―filled girl who can't help but want to take a leek on Keita. I would go into details but it’s too long). In all i like the mix of characters and i think the characters are what makes this anime, a good mix of different ones works well together and we get some good enjoyment from them all.


Overall i really enjoyed the aspect the anime held on the exams topic, i also felt the sisters made good for some comedy being put into the series. Actually my biggest problem was the fact the side characters didn't get enough screen time, in both the anime and OVA's i really liked Mikazuki and sadly she didn't appear to much so i was a little let down, also Keita's friends annoy the hell out of me, but its alright as we don't need to see them to often. With some good animations and sound i think the characters and story merged together quite well as a whole. Another thing i liked was the fact the anime stayed fairly close to its story (of course with all the ecchi things happening to) considering it's a strong ecchi which comes close to pushing limits (OVA its borderline Hentai in my opinion) and did a good job merging them all.

I quite enjoyed watching the series, would have loved some more episodes of the high school life but the OVA's are still (slowly) ongoing so all isn't lost i guess.

A Decent anime overall for me though.

Ecchi note:

Just a quick edit in, i forgot to mention its Ecchi side. The anime holds a lot of perverted scenes which are quite heavy ecchi based, the content most not suited for anyone under 16, though the anime does contain a few ecchi scenes (i don't believe it actually features any full exposure to breasts or the alike but i can't assure this, im just 90% certain) the scenes it does contain usually provide a laugh and otherwise i don't think should stop one from viewing the series, but that of course is from the prespective of someone who doesn't mind ecchi anime (Im not saying i love or hate them, i watch them if its something i want to watch, like any other genre).

7/10 story
7.5/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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