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Grabbing Attention


This is the start of my new blog on here so i hope to keep it updated


I'd like to start on simple terms on animes ive seen latly.

So today i sat down, with a additional hour to spare i figured lets watch some anime, great idea as always. I started my night with green green, Now green green is a weird show indeed, its constnt supply of negative reviews sure made me skeptical after not enjoying the first episode but boy i was wrong.

Green Green:

well in a nut shell i just watched episode 8 of the show, i felt i rushed as i watched through episodes 2-7 yesterday feeling it wont appeal because negatives reviews. I can see where some come from, as the show feels like a contant joke half the time and if its not there its the same atmosphere and one joke over and over but i learned its not all so bad. in episode 8 today i found  a new change, the show took new direction, well i find it unfair if i say i dont enjoy it so far, i found episode 1 to be plain, but it got ok, the fat looser guy does annoy me but in all i feel its moving on in a better direction. I feel im bein more connected to the small story and hope for it to continue this flow, well only time will tell


Anyways after a episode of green green i still had some time so of course it meant anime number 2 in my watch list which is True Tears. Pfft boy it has more ot its name than it relises.

True Tears: (some tiny spoiler which seem like spoiler but dont worry they not to bad)

So i just watched episode 7 now and its shocking. The idea the show brings on is its deffinetly going to become a love triangle and this means Noe and Hiromi are gonna have to face off head to head for Shichiro, funny thing is they almost kicked it off. Now when Ai-chan steps up into this triangle aswell it was more than a supprise to me, of course i learned this earlier but to force herself on Shinchiro but boy that supprised me. The funny thing is i truly was shocked espically with it being 1 scene after he and noe shared something of a confession. Of course in the whole while we cant forget Hiromi who is teary eyed over her lost parents and her new boyfriend is hardy a helping case in my honest thoughts.

I love how true tears is creating such intense atmosphere within its self. I havent felt such a great tention building story this good sinse Angel Beats. The interesting part is all 3 girls seem to be into Shinchiro but i've yet to decide who he likes. This is tauntingly awsome, i set to watch a single episode today but came out watching 2 and i forced myself to say no to the third. Its so intense how somthing great happens at the end though. Each girl very differant to the other, Hiromi is a rather quiet shy girl who never speaks her feelings aloud, shes lived with so many bad things in life and now she feels she's sinking down but could shinchiro but a rescue hand? He's more than willing to be but she cant decide if thats the hand she wants, theres something in him she wants to have but the many outside interuptions sure do cost her, will she sink into depression? Maybe she might just not mind No.4 aka Noe's brother as much as she first thought, she sure seems friendly to him though it couldbe a show, or who knows fate might blow her way and she might score some luck to get Shinchiro to herself, lets face it she sure could use a happy ending but that brings me into girl 2. Noe, the Haruhi of the anime in my opinion. Very active and strong ambitions she describes her self as unable to cry, the fun thing to this is it actually is true, when presented with a sad or overjoyed situation she wont cry, she is upset and angry and still wont cry, the girl wont shed a tear, what the heck did her Grandmother do? i suppose her energy and optimistic view to life is what makes her so dam loveable, her singing is also cute, i love how its the same song aswell cause its just not a normal song :') But behond her cute smile, and endless energy this girl cares greatly for them around her, im unsure to if he has real friends or not but she is always alone besides when with shinchiro. She seek's the true tears, them which aim for the sky, she belives Shinchiro holds these but we have all seen she has come to see more in him than a fountain of tears, now she face's a heartache battle to Hiromi for the same desire, but though hiromi is with no.4 (her brother) will she let loose this? honestly im asking cuz i have no idea :P the ball swings in and out, He spent so long after Hiromi and it felt it was obvious but he actually said himself he spent so long after her now he has come to relise he might very well have feelings for Noe, dont worry this isnt a spoiler, at this point i know what happens next just not how it ends. Then theres Aii-chan, weird one here, she just joins in one day reveiling she always had a thing for him, hmmm this could be good? but she didnt quiet take to the news when presented to it by Shinchiro himself, he speaks words which will hurt her but her action here was,... awsome xD Honestly im unsure what to say for her, shes been so minor till now, though shes there she just... "there" she never stands "here"

So far, i am half way through the seris and boy it blew my mind. Im hooked and its reeling me in to dephs of no return :D


Imagiry? lol im sure its spelt with a "E" not "i" near the end xD it is -.- anyway normally i image all my reviews and blogs wont be a exception to it but for now i felt i will keep this blank

I will keep posted on new ones, i feel true tears turned into a half review and half advertisement, but i should recomend the seris its prooving to be great.

Will keep posted anyway.

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