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Something Differant

12 APR

Well its been sometime sinse i thought i would post about anything without writing a review...

I started watching recently Hana-Saku Iroha which is proving to be a enlightening experiance for me. I'm a fair fan of slice of life, many say there boring as nothing happens and its just characters going about there normal life, which is why i love them, i like to watch one once in a while for a break and a nice slow relacing feel.

Anyways so i started this one and its just so great! From episode one you grow atached to Ohana, her story is rather emotion filled but without the whole fussy stuff making everything a big deal. She's now alone in the world, she has no one and is to experiance life working whilst trying to figure out her feelings... might not sound the best but the emotional impact i feel you her is epic.

im really enjoying it so far, i would describe more but its rather early (episode 6), but i hope it continues this way... sure someone said it is gonna have a sequel released late this year (yay).

Anyways i just find it bery unique and worth noting down, i wouldnt imagine you will like it if your not into slice of life or drama (maybe a small tad of sob stories) but otherwise its truly something unique. Its been a while sinse i said anything is one of a kind (in respects to nothing being anything alike it) but this is setting the scores now.

We will see what happens later but i hope it continues

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Madoka avatar Madoka
Apr 13, 2012

Ahaa good example, i loved Ano hana, both quite unique :D

I do enjoy this, i suppose it feels like the story is so real... like the events are based on possible real experiances, i also like the aspects she learns from as such.. like how she begins adapting to the value of working on relying on others :)

I also love her relationship with ko as it seems minor but it feel she is growing into the world :D

default avatar Chiyo88
Apr 13, 2012

Reminded me strongly of Ano-hana, the sorta slice of life routine they use but mainly because the weird event happening of Homna-chan. Ano-hana or probberly some other unique one

Madoka avatar Madoka
Apr 13, 2012

Suppose, if your into slice of life (the relaxed slow pace stuff where nothing major happens, like K-on) thrown together with some drama and character development you will like it, otherwise its dependant person to person ^^

One thing what makes it stand out to me (being a fan of slice of life and all) was its not structured like most and holds some slightly differant style of writing and development, mainly to me how unlike normal slice of life it seems to pain Ohana's life more sad like dispite her boomingly optimistic personality ^^

Madoka avatar Madoka
Apr 13, 2012

Its quite dependant really. i imagine its much for some as being a slice of life, its not really beaming with action or nothing.

The reason im finding it of high interest is in comparison with other slice of life style animes it seems so... serious, there seems alot of plot development and the character development is interesting. But then again i only watched 6 episodes so it could still take a turn for the worst xD

NeiniAurora3500 avatar NeiniAurora3500
Apr 12, 2012

This anime sounds incredible. Ohana sounds very similar to me as well. I want to watch this now!

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