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Make your own anime character

12 AUG

If you could make your own anime character, what would it be like? A guy or girl, have super powers or just a regular person, have lots of friends or a loner?

 Make your own character and see how it comes out!

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Kernoll avatar Kernoll
Aug 18, 2010

Well it depends on in what type of animu i would want that character to be. If it were action anime my character would be probably quiet, cool and deadly. Using combination of quit deadly blades and modern techology.

On the other hand in more calm and realistic anime i would create somebody inteligent, fun to be with but but lazy regular character. Some characteristic would probably be similar to mine...

Esper26 avatar Esper26
Aug 13, 2010


    A couple years ago when Bleach first came out I imagined a character I would put in it. He is a caption class soul reaper with a double sword style that is able to manipulate fire with his bankai but, because he’s a soul reaper I don’t know if you’d call him a Hero or a Villain.

BlackVoid avatar BlackVoid
Aug 12, 2010

This would probably be a good post in the forums.

A couple years ago when I was really into Naruto I imagined a character I would have in there. He would manipulate yellow lightning and be as strong as anybody. I even had a backstory and everything.

Now I would make a guy who is basically Light Yagami, smart, cool, and down toe earth, except he would be a sort of chemist who creates next-gen medicines among other things.

How about yours?

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