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about me

Where to begin...

I am weird

I am kind

I am observant

I am analytical

I am wise

I am funny

I am handsome

I am witty

I am smart

I am intellectual

I am honest

I am trustworthy

I am strange

I am odd

I am creative

I am curious

I am needy

I am clingy

I am open

I am closed

I am distant

I am here typing

I am here thinking

I am here wondering

I am here pondering

I wonder why you continue to read

I think about what I shall write next

I know I sometimes say things that shouldn't be said outloud

I can be very objective

I can be heartless

I can be uncaring

I can be sweet

I can be thoughtful

I can be selfish

I can be with only one person at a time

I am faithful

I am loyal

I am strong

I am depressed

I am here typing

I like to write poetry

I like to draw

I like to talk

I like to listen

I like to watch

I love to watch movies

I like videogames

I enjoy anime

I love zombie games, movies, comics, novels, stories, etc etc

I am unique, but then again so if everybody else

I am unusual by many defintions of that word

I am here still typing wondering if I should ever type anything ever more for this description of me

I am sure you already know enough

System.out.println"Hello world";

System.out.println"Goodnight world";

System.out.println"sweet dreams dear";

System.out.println"no not you, I was talking to Her";

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