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I was born in '93 in Hungary, and that's where I've lived ever since. I'm not a social type. Actually, I have a social phobia so I can't really start conversations on my own, but if someone talks to me, I try to be as kind and polite as I can. I don't drink or smoke or do drugs.

In music, I'm not really open-minded, but I try to like all kinds of stuff, even if I don't really dig deep into that genre. My favourite type of music is folk/viking/pagan metal. I like most of metal music, excluding black metal, melodeath, grindcore and doom metal, but including thrash, heavy and death metal and very rarely a little bit of power metal as well. I don't really care about the lyrics, but if something is overly political or religious, it's not my cup of tea. On the other hand, satanism is even more of a minus in a music for me.

I'm not against religion, however. I consider myself a deist, but I'm also interested in Ásatrú. But in reality, I don't actually want to be involved in religious acts of any kind.

Despite being a "metalhead" as most people like to call someone who likes heavy music, I do enjoy anime as well, which, for quite a few people, seems to be something that can't live alongside metal. My favourite genre is either comedy or thriller, but I like ecchi and moe as well. Yes, I'm a moe zombie and a perv who can't get any - so what? Regarding anime, the thing I completely hate is fighting, especially mecha. Some of my favourite anime include Bakemonogatari / Nisemonogatari; Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei; Clannad and YuruYuri. I prefer simplicity and fun to deep philosophical meaning and hidden messages; if it's fun, it doesn't matter how cliché it is, I still like it.

I don't play much, but when I do, I take my DS and play some kind of RPG. Although I get stuck fast usually and I'm not gaming for hours and hours, I enjoy playing something for a bit. Yeah, I'm also a Pokémon nerd, but I don't play online 'cause I suck.

I'm not into sports either. I like watching events if they are on TV, but I rarely if ever watch television, and even when I do, I do it because of touring car racing. Being a Hungarian, Norbert Michelisz is my favourite driver, but Gabriele Tarquini, Dave Newsham, Andrew Jordan and Michel Nykjær are all great racers, to name a few other.

My hobby would perhaps be learning languages. I can currently speak Hungarian and English and understand written Russian and Polish, but I'm planning on mastering Japanese as well as learning some Old Norse to understand the sagas of the mighty vikings. Speaking of Russian, I'm studying this language at a university and I hope to become an interpreter one day. In fact, I've a YouTube channel that contains translations of songs to Hungarian; if you're interested, please, have a look here.

I love winter, as well as rain, snow cold and darkness. No, I'm not a satanist (but if you've read the previous paragraphs, you already know that). I hope I can visit Iceland or the Faroe Islands someday, because it's all present there and the whole landscape is beautiful.

I wish you a good day, and thank you for reading all this useless information about a guy you've never heard of and will never meet!

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