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Anime and Cfos addicted <3

Married with Cfos <3

I prefer english SUBBED anime to english DUBBED anime.

I like the romantic type the most ( yeah I'm a girl ) but I would be very pleased if you recommend me ANY GOOD ANIME. PLEASE!

Well I hope I'll find some new friends here. See ya!

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What?! No manga ratings?

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wolfangel87 Sep 16, 2008

I totally prefer subbed rather than dubbed to.  I think you get more out of it and most of the time I think the english voices are annoying anyway.

Hehehe, my favorite is romantic anime too!!!  *cheers*

Cfos Sep 15, 2008

Why bothering me, I really don't mind to answer your questions ( got msn??, than it would be faster...?)

Yeah I know Kaze no Stigma (my #11, one week ago it was still in my top 10^^), but Shana is without doubt my #1!!! (unfortunately you can't see my top 5 yet...) and I'm sure you'll like it.

Hmmmmmmmmmm, the last question is a bit difficult...^^, well Hayweh from Prism ark maybe (but well, this show is completely different, but I still liked it, is up to your taste...and contains little ecchi...) but except this show (well, maybe Jyunichi from Da capo, but I think he's only determined not really experienced) I can't think of anyone. Seems like there aren't many characters like Kazuma...^^ (or at least I can't think of any even after I looked through my entire anime-list, sry!).

Cfos Sep 15, 2008

Well, I'm happy that my recommendations suited your taste...

I don't know if you like "senseless" (well to be more exact storyless) but extremely funny shows (for example Lucky Star...) but if that's the matter I can recommend Nagasarete Airantou to you (:O:O really, the funniest show I've seen so far...).

Well, back to romantic, I think H2O Footprints in the Sand was quite good (kinda ef like but still different...). Then I think you should watch Da capo (it's somehow like Clannad but if you ask me there's more romantic/drama)...

I hope that these rec's can help you as well...

Cfos Sep 13, 2008

ANY GOOD Anime...

Well, if you ask me, Shakugan no Shana's defenitely worth watching and shows like Clannad, Full Metal Panic and Code Geass (and many others...^^) are very good too, well it depends on what genre you like and if you're in the right mood for them...

Cfos Sep 10, 2008

Discovered your profile a few days ago and now is the comment system again!!!!

Seems like you aren't here for too long so first of all welcome!

Then I read that your favourite genre is romantic and 'cuz this is one of my favourite's too I think I can recommend you some good show's, first of all I think   ef ~ a tale of memories (secon season comming soon!!) is a must-watch, if you ask me the most beautiful love-story ever and even then ending was amazing...

If you want to check it out and tell me how you liked it...

Best regards