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Anime and Cfos addicted <3

Married with Cfos <3

I prefer english SUBBED anime to english DUBBED anime.

I like the romantic type the most ( yeah I'm a girl ) but I would be very pleased if you recommend me ANY GOOD ANIME. PLEASE!

Well I hope I'll find some new friends here. See ya!

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Cfos Oct 19, 2008

Well To Aru Majutsu No Index is in my opinion the best one, it may be able to enter my top 5:O:O^^

Except that I like the shows you already wrote the most too, though I haven't seen tales of abyss (somehow I just can't get in the right mood^^ and I don't know  Hakushaku to Yousei, unfortunately these 2 shows don't seem to suit my taste...:D)

Yeah, I almost forgot, Clannad AS is one of my fav on-goings too (of course, my Kyou MOEEEEEEE WILL BE 4EVER^^)

Ah, and though Chaos;Head disappointed me a bit (only the first ep.) I think it'll get quite good cuz ep. was loads better:)...

Cfos Oct 18, 2008

Yo, figured I should write a comment once in a while^^, so here my question... which is your fav ongoing (currently)????

(btw, I'm sure you're surpried that I write I comment, am I right^^)

Anyway... stay healthy;)

Cfos Sep 16, 2008

Any ideas...^^ what a shame that you can't see my msn-adrs. yet (guess it'll take some time until this feature is up again).

[email protected]

(Don't laugh, at that time I was a little boy, crazy frog was already used and it was the time of the ORF-Skichallenge (=free online game) and all these factors together produced this name^^)

wolfangel87 Sep 16, 2008

Errrrr >_< I will have to think about his then and get back to you! ^_^

wolfangel87 Sep 16, 2008

Hmmm lets see reverse harem and love triangels and romace.  Errrr . . . Peach Girl - high school love triangle, very entertaining and fun to watch.  Ayashi no Ceres - supernatural with a love traingle, about twins.  La Corda D'Oro - very good reverse harem anime, great music too!!!!  Sepcial A and Ouran High School Host Club- both reverse harem with a great deal of comedy in them.  Vampire Knight - love traingle, totally awesome about vampires, one of my favorites!!!!

Sorry I don't know exactly what is on your anime list so these are just suggestions off the top of my head.  Hope this helps!  ^_^