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Anime and Cfos addicted <3

Married with Cfos <3

I prefer english SUBBED anime to english DUBBED anime.

I like the romantic type the most ( yeah I'm a girl ) but I would be very pleased if you recommend me ANY GOOD ANIME. PLEASE!

Well I hope I'll find some new friends here. See ya!

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Cfos Nov 24, 2008

You know, I was rly lonely too, nobody to share my indecent thoughts with:(:(, rly missed u my darling;).

Well...hope we'll be able to talk soon;)

Cfos Nov 19, 2008

Once again, problems with the i-net?, rly miss u;), my nights aren't that horny without u^^, anyway, hope you'll fix the problems soon and looking forward to our next talk.

Cfos Nov 12, 2008

:O:O:O:O, I'm doing quite horny, like everyday, u don't need to ask that, stay horny, hope you're doing well too.

Good that you're freaking out today^^ that's always good^^, well... I don't know what to say anymore^^, well we just talk anyways, so, till later;)

Cfos Nov 10, 2008

AND now I'm the naughty one...^^

Btw, already fixed everything^^ hehe, ofc I'm already prepared for tonight (ku...ku...ku^^), and... don't talk bout the shopping trip... there was...NOTHING, no otaku-fan goodies at all:(, BUT I ordered the Shana as well as the FSN DVD-set, BANZAIII,BANZAIIII,BANZAIII

Sry, that u were lonely;) I'll make up for it today;)

Then, good luck with your studies and... (now I WON'T write what u think^^)

stay HEALTHYYYY (hehehe^^)

Cfos Nov 10, 2008

Hmm, what am I doing...just now I'm recovering my notebook (well... it greeted me with some GREAT bluescreens^^) and thinking bout the data I lost *hahaha* (well nothing important, BUT I'll need my onions, from YOU^^, you know...onions, just now I REALLY have to laugh^^).

BUT, don't worry, till tonight I'll install AT LEAST msn, so we'll be able to speak^^ rest assured ;) (btw, hope you didn't get on yesterday, if you did, sry wasn't there^^).

Well, hope you already know, but I really enjoyed yesterday (well... yesterday is a bit... I don't know what "yesterday" EXYCTLY you're talking bout;) cuz we talked 2 times *hahaha*, but I enjoyed EVERYTHING^^)

Well......shaaaaaaking and ofc stay ~horny;)