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sothis Mar 26, 2008

Hi there Maaka, not sure if you are reinputting recs that were lost in the server crash - if so, THANK YOU! If they are new, thanks for adding them. They are great!

risuta Feb 23, 2008

My physics teacher is exactly the same! He should be preparing us for the exams, but instead he gets in class and talks about his girlfriends, his wife, politics and many other random thing! And, apart from that, he hates me!

It feels as he is the host of the reality show instead of a teacher!

Well, I have to do my best despite of all that, and I am getting really nervous!

risuta Feb 22, 2008

Well, instead of writing recommendations I should be studying since my finals are pretty close, but I can't resist anime! And I enjoy writing recs, though I doubt many people read them! :P

1010rikku Jan 24, 2008

*waves hello*

How's it going? It's been a while, has 2008 been treating you ok?  Love the signature, it was a cute little series and she's a real cutie!

wolfangel87 Dec 20, 2007

Great college aspirations (wow I kind of just had a Sims 2 moment there)  I am in my third year and have not even skimmed the surface on discovering what I would like to do.  Your bio was very nice, and complete!  

I would love to go visit Canada, I heard it was very nice!  ^_^