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The federal reserve is this a way not to renew it you have to give us the assets for all these debt this project death Mie I mean there's so many scenarios but that's what they are the scenario you don't know what's going to happen but we know it's not going to be for the people we the people help the people Safer Colon although it's not about that that's why we do this is not true me yet it is Harry own I want to ask you one more question since you talking about all this stuff I'll what's going on lake with the law Obama and Romney you now I know the whole yeah like I want to meet me at the train no is that Obama another four years or almighty not he is he is so I he is just arrogantly you know taking position that he's going to be getting reelected I think arm there they're obviously they put Paul Ryan Paul Ryan always was data was touted as the vice-presidential candidate which think is a terrible waste since he's much better in congress yes me mister you know I'll so they took they picked him as a running mate %uh because they wouldn't pick Ron Paul got good experts or tell Ron Paul Ron Paul's very silent arm I myself again.

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