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The hour I'm probably going to try primalite garcinia that on my husband I'm a take it myself and if I do I'll let you guys know like this I have less than 10 pounds to go and even though I have HCG I really don't want to have to go back on it I'm question about resetting the hype Thomas though I'll with this green coffee bean extract I’ll let you guys know if we try it when we try it what time we try if we try it and I do know that somebody now the army now log you out a CG is the way to go and not drink coffee bean extract and I agree you know that there's probably studies about that loss versus muscle mass and everything like that is just something else I want to try our my husband would never eat the green foods that is on the hug broke out so there's no doing a CD on how I he have them take that the totties and all this other stuff textual thing text role at thing so I don't think he would do it but he wants to lose about 20 pounds and he has struggled with that he's been trying to do Akins and he'll lose that town 10 pounds and then he can't get any further an hour away just wanted to throw that out there if you're looking for a way to lose little bit away or try something different that natural and organic I don't think there's a big deal about it are anyway this past month like that I have kept in count two pounds extra on the bond and I'm going to show you up my body right now in a body.

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