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I am a 21 years old boy and I live in the Netherlands. I have a great interest in videogames and anime, so feel free to talk with me about that.

You can check the anime section if you want to know which anime’s I watched so far and well… those are only the tip of the iceberg :)

Like I said, I also have a great interest in video games. Because of that, I am currently learning how to use certain programs such as Autodesk Maya. I am hoping to become a 3d-artist one day, although that dream is still far away.

If you are interested, you can check my deviantart page (link down below). Here you can see some of the things I created.

Well if you want to know more about me, than feel free to ask me anything :)

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DarkMagicianGirl says...

Hey alles goed??

Heb al lang niks meer gehoord.

Heb je no game no life gezien omg je moet die echt zien hij is geniaal gewoon

May 15, 2014
Ittermat says...

Actually they ask that you do that in the disclaimer before you sign up for the forum (its right under the forum taskbar on the front page when you arent logged in) since they want to eventually merge the profiles. ^^;

Mar 22, 2014
Ittermat says...

Hurray! I had already added you lol! but yea considering we're supposed to use the same username on the forum and the site... finding you was soooo easyyyy... XD

Mar 22, 2014
Ittermat says...

Hahaha I found you =3

Mar 22, 2014
DarkMagicianGirl says...

nice fairy tail is altijd goed  :Pen mooi :D een zorg minder :)

Feb 8, 2014