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konichiwa, boku wa mori to iimasu. Yoroshiku. Just treat me well or imma bite you. Joke. Let me see.. I love anime since i was just a little kid, my first anime was pokemon, then i found out about sailor moon, grander musashi and dragon ball, then in primary 5 i met a friend and she was an anime fan. And she lend me lots and lotst of anime vcds and dvds. Since then i fell in love with anime and since 6 years ago, i stumbled upon yaoi on google whle i was searching for a manga. And since then im a fan of yaoi. Haha.. My fav anime are.. Katekyo hitman reborn. Axis hetalia power. Eyeshield 21. Pandora hearts. Mushi shi. Fairy tail. Doraemon. And many more. My fav yaoi are.. Junjou romantica. Okane ga nai. Sekaiichi hatsukoi. Gravitation. Ai no kusabi. Koisuru boukun. Love pistol. Hey class president. Ah.. Too many. Im also a fan of jrock. My fav are.. The gazette. Breakerz. Hideto matsumoto. X japan. Alice nine. Dir en grey. L'arce en ciel. Golden bomber. Gackt. Miyavi. etc.. Sorry for the long introduction. Hope we can be friends!

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SinTheory Sep 21, 2012

Welcome to Anime planet! I hope you enjoy the site :D