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Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen. I decided to change my three year old introduction to better reflect me. So I welcome you to my profile page and hope you take the time to browse a bit. 

I am a university student here at the University of Toronto. I greatly enjoy discussing things I love which include but are not limited to religion, politics, anime, books, economy, business, girls and games.

I love anime (obviously) and i like any anime that can get me thinking or otherwise has a great story to it. Not too much a fan of romance animes especially if it includes strangers-who-never-met-before-running-away-with-each-other-after-a-week  ("Saikano" for example). I do enjoy anime with references to religion and the like in them or if they include government conspiracies, evil cults etc. Started out like everybody else. Saw DragonBall on YTV back in the day but didn't realise what it was until a few years ago. Then I got hooked. Anime is like a vortex of awesome. Once you come in, pretty much nothing can bring you back out.

Anime > Hollywood

This is my very first AMV. It was really noobish and took me a hell of a long time. Check it out and tell me what you think! Rants, criticism and thumbs up all welcome. (I had to use subtitled scenes, i know they suck monkey balls but i have an internet limit to worry about and i already had the subtitled series on my PC so please bear with it)


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My Second AMV is up! I believe it is much better than my first. I still had cropping issues but overall it wasn't too bad...i hope :P Give it a look! Its a Multi-anime and thus contains spoilers etc etc.

Hope to make friends, meet people, discuss opinions and enjoy myself. Oh and i love talking about religion, world issues and politics.

P.S. I try to be a religious and sort of hardcore-no-mercy type of guy who hates fluff, but i have to say this... NARUHINA FTW!!!!

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puriful Oct 18, 2012

Oh no. I still have a few years of uni to go. I took a break and worked for a few years to regain some lost focus. ^_^

Why don't you celebrate your birthday?

darkdante14 Oct 13, 2012

Yeah, I'm backing up my blogs as well and now I'm just thinking where to post them lol. I was thinking tumblr as one of the possobilities, it seems rather popular and despite the fact I have had an account there for 2 years I only have 3 posts there lol. Also, now that my blogs will be moved to a different site I guess I'll be able to write some stuff I didn't put on A-P. Some stuff about social problems that I considered to be too grim and off-topic for A-P since they have nothing to do with anime.

I doubt you need to worry about user-reviews. I think Sothis mentioned herself that that section is here to stay. Though, I think there should be some change in User-Reviews as well. Why not put something like stars and feature the good reviews somewhere on the site? I mean, there are plenty of good user-reviews around the site but you can't tell that unless you look at one specific anime. If you look at 'recent reviews' section the the good ones will be too far in between.

Anyway, if you ever move your blogs to a different site feel free to give me the link because I'd like to read some more of your rants and thoughts :D

puriful Oct 12, 2012

Awe, thats too bad that you're not living on campus but thats so cool that your uni has an anime club! I should see if mine has one. I didn't even think about that. lol

Recent things for me? I just celebrated my 23rd bday! Hehe YAYS!

darkdante14 Oct 11, 2012

I agree with what you said, it's sad to see blog feature to go but if that's gonna improve primary functions like anime list browsing etc. then it's a necessary sacrifice. I though about suggesting 'hiring' mods that would be solely concentrating on supervising blogs but I'm not sure if that's possible or there would be enough people who'd wanna do it. I partilly blame that TakeshiKai guy >:(

Minai99 Oct 10, 2012

Oh well, my comment was based off of what I happened to see in a comment you made to puriful. You talked about going to a cosplay cafe. :p