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Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen. I decided to change my three year old introduction to better reflect me. So I welcome you to my profile page and hope you take the time to browse a bit. 

I am a university student here at the University of Toronto. I greatly enjoy discussing things I love which include but are not limited to religion, politics, anime, books, economy, business, girls and games.

I love anime (obviously) and i like any anime that can get me thinking or otherwise has a great story to it. Not too much a fan of romance animes especially if it includes strangers-who-never-met-before-running-away-with-each-other-after-a-week  ("Saikano" for example). I do enjoy anime with references to religion and the like in them or if they include government conspiracies, evil cults etc. Started out like everybody else. Saw DragonBall on YTV back in the day but didn't realise what it was until a few years ago. Then I got hooked. Anime is like a vortex of awesome. Once you come in, pretty much nothing can bring you back out.

Anime > Hollywood

This is my very first AMV. It was really noobish and took me a hell of a long time. Check it out and tell me what you think! Rants, criticism and thumbs up all welcome. (I had to use subtitled scenes, i know they suck monkey balls but i have an internet limit to worry about and i already had the subtitled series on my PC so please bear with it)


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My Second AMV is up! I believe it is much better than my first. I still had cropping issues but overall it wasn't too bad...i hope :P Give it a look! Its a Multi-anime and thus contains spoilers etc etc.

Hope to make friends, meet people, discuss opinions and enjoy myself. Oh and i love talking about religion, world issues and politics.

P.S. I try to be a religious and sort of hardcore-no-mercy type of guy who hates fluff, but i have to say this... NARUHINA FTW!!!!

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darkdante14 Jun 15, 2013

Hey there :D My video review isn't even remotely done partly due to exams, partly due to the fact I decided to re-do it and also due to my laziness.

In the meantime, I managed to finish what I consider the worst anime I've seen in this year and actually made a huge rant (review) of it. I was shocked how many people give scores of 7 and 8 so decided to give my 2 cents ;) It’s possibly one of my angrier reviews I’ve done. 

The review of the worst thing I've seen this year

darkdante14 Feb 4, 2013

I started working on video review of Dante's Inferno movie and ended up being quite dissatisfied with the results, though for entirely different reasons than I expexted.

I thought that my voice (I have a shitty standard mic) or accent would be the biggest flaws but it's not the case. The truth is - while talking about the movie I noticed SO MANY mistakes in my written review. Missing articles, grammar and style mistakes, not to mention some sentences looking quite terrible and simplistic (read: dumb).

Not only that, I have to make a transition between written and video media which forces me to change some stuff. Things that worked in written form, don't work in audio commentary and vice-versa.

Nevertheless, I'm quite determined to finish the video review as an experment. It will be rough around the edges but it will be an interesting experiment.

It will take a while but once it's done, I'll bother you again about this matter and will expect some hard criticism :D

darkdante14 Jan 9, 2013

Unfortunately not, haven't seen a single anime episode in months. It's not like I don't have any free time but it mostly goes to games instead. I have been reading couple mangas though, mostly because I read them on my cell phone before sleep. 

Since I'm mostly playing games in my free time I've been quite tempted to write a video game review or blog instead. In fact, I've got quite a few things to say about modern video game industry, reviwers and press which could make some interesting blogs.

Also, considered to perhaps re-make one of my written anime reviews into a video review. Though the idea is still tempting I doubt that I could overcome the awkwardness that involve talking to myself outloud (talking into a mic actually) and most importantly - I'm not sure whether other people could bear listening to my accent ,_,

darkdante14 Jan 2, 2013

Hey bro, Happy New Year ^_^ Two days too late but better late then never, eh? :P

Read your manga review, pretty cool. Wondering when you're gonna make a new anime review or blog :P Also have you watched any good anime lately?

seine Jan 2, 2013

QUALITY WRITINGS. I mean, i have quality writings? ohgod, you have got to be kidding me! LOL I just write (or type) what comes in my mind so yeah, anyways, thanks for appreciating them!