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Mar 4, 2013

A short review for a really short "anime"


Its multiple cliches brought to life. There really is no story to go along. The story section got a 1 instead of a zero only because it managed to impress me with the way it crammed so many cliches into 4 minutes of showtime. I mean wow, It usually takes other animes around 3-5 episodes to present cliches this "anime" managed in a minute or two.


Although not spectacular, it was the best aspect of this "anime". Comparatively the animation, colors and detail were average at best but once the other components of this "anime" come into play, the animation will be the most enjoyable thing you'll be seeing for the rest of the showtime.


There was sound?


Perverted boy (Check), Loli (Check), Timid Beauty (Check), Cats (Check). Strong Black Haired female (Check), Generic Bernette (Check). 4 minutes and every cliched character you can imagine is shown. Oh before I forget, all of the girls have magical bath heating powers...


The only possible reason you would watch this "anime" is because you have a university assignment due tomorrow and you are finding ways to procrastinate/its 3 am and you haven't gotten your anime fix yet for the night even though your eyes might be now

1/10 story
7/10 animation
2/10 sound
1/10 characters
1.5/10 overall

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mahius Sep 22, 2014

I didn't know we could rate things 0. I always had the out of 10 scale from 1 to 10. Otherwise there's a kinda pointless 11th rating. Also this is the equivalent of looking up cat videos or doing some other procrastination (therfore I agree with that point). IMO its better than sitting there doing nothing for 5 mins, heck you could watch this while waiting for the train/bus or something.