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  • MOJ Excellence Award for Best Tsundere Character (Female)

MOJ Excellence Award for Best Tsundere Character (Female)

23 JUN

Hello, Hello, Hello ladies and gents! Welcome to the first ever MOJ Excellence Award blog for Best Tsundere Character (Female)! It is my pleasure to force upon yo...I mean bring to you all a list of beauties who in my opinion, made it into the top 6 Best Tsundere list. You may approve of my choices or you may hate me for it, however, the ladies I will mention deserve to be here for one reason or another, well mainly because I want them to but you get the picture.

Today, after 8 or so hours of random anime watching, YouTube browsing and sandwich eating, I was struck with a bolt of inspiration which broke away the chronic writers block I had for the past few months. In that second of inspiration, as the dubstep WUB WUBed in my headphones, I decided to show the world who I believe deserved the title of Tsundere Queen. Now without further ado, I bring to you the list you all have been waiting for since the start of this blog!

NOTE: Due to the recent trend on the internet, all references to boobs, breasts, oppai, the dreams of men, and/or anything that goes in a bra will hereby be referred to as "plot," since that is what they are in the anime world. Plot, plain and simple.

6. Minami Shimada (Anime: Baka to Test)

Ahh nothing screams "tsundere" like a nice plot size complex. This pretty thing fears her flat chest is a turn off for men, however, her cute looks and devotion to the person she likes is what makes us otakus begging for more. What put the "tsun" in her character? Sporting over a dozen bone cracking, skull smashing, limb ripping wrestling moves, this lady can hold her own against most odds. Of course, behind the hard shell is a heart breakingly cute side and a shy demeanor. As such, she makes it to the top 6 easily.

Throughout the anime, she battles with forces well endowed with plot she lacks, yet she never gives up. Remaining outwardly cold to the male lead yet trying to squeeze in some of the "dere" to make him aware, Minami wins a place in this list for her diligence, cuteness and courage. 

5. Asuna Yuuki (Anime: Sword art Online)

I found a meme online which had such a fitting name for this gorgeous girl that I just can't help using it here. Asuna will, from now on, be referred to as "Sandwich-kun." Sorry if you don't get the context, instead, please consider it as motivation to go watch this awesome series if you haven't already. If you have then you know what I mean...

Now now, I know many people will disagree with me, claiming that Sandwich-kun isn't a true tsundere character and that she doesn't belong on such a list. To those people I say that although SAO was an anime that mainly revolved around romance, originally Sandwich-kun was a  tsundere character, even though her "tsun" side lasted for less of a time than other, pure tsundere characters. Fact is, her sword skills are unparalleled and she really packs a punch. Yes here "dere" side is definitely greater in size but lets not forget that in this world of cliched anime, not many girls are given powers to even defend themselves, much rather fight and win against insane monsters alone on equal footing with the male lead. That is one reason why Sandwich-kun made the list.

Not only can she fight, she can also cook a mean meal, quickly earning a reputation and providing the male lead with more than just plot, but the best tasting virtual sandwiches ever to be made in the world of Sword Art Online. For some, Sandwich-kun represents all a man wants in real life. A girl to fight his battles and make him meals. Hey hey, its not sexist if she wants to do it herself! Right? right.....? Aww hell whatever, fact is she is the tsundere most guys drool over. 

4. Mikoto Misaka (To Aru Majutsu no Index)

Look out Zeus, you have competition! (Whats and Award ceremony without cheesy lines?) Misaka here is a shockingly cute girl who can punch a hole the size of a building with a simple flick of her fingers and a dime. Guys who know her stand up against any douche who tries to mess with her taking her for an easy happy time target...for the douche's own safety. She doesn't need no man slowing her down and generally being useless in front of her awesome power...and yet that is exactly what she wants with the male lead. Her genuinely cute attempts to pretend to hate the guy she has the hots for really does do a wonderful job of properly combining the "tsun" and "dere" elements in a creative manner. One minute Misaka tries to blow a hole in the male lead's head and the next she's asking for a date pretending it's part of her job.

Plot wise, Misaka is lacking and she know it. Often, plot turns into a topic she tries to avoid and it generally pisses her off, but fear not dear maiden! You have made it onto my list and therefore there is no need to feel sad!

Misaka makes it to the 4th place because her character has quite a lot of development. She is more than a cardboard cut out of a generic tsundere female. Misaka actually has a story going for her, making her shine brighter as a lead herself than some random support character for the male lead. Viewers can fell for her and understand her feelings, making her tsundereness all the more appealing. 

3. Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!)

And the Palm Top Tiger steals the third place! Don't be fooled by her chibiness, she is actually quite ferocious who doesn't limit her "tsun" for the male lead alone, no, anyone retarded enough to piss her off faces the wrath of her wooden katana...or fists. Competition for her man? She won't just go running into a corner and cry, she will blast through the classroom and pound the competition till it's as short as her. Not afraid of what others think, she is fearless and determined to get her way. However, tormented by the years of loneliness and being a social outcast, her wall crumbles and her vulnerable side opens up to the people she trusts. 

With a great character development support her, Taiga reaches the top three in this list. However, our dear Taiga is also ridden with acute plot deficiency syndrome and it affects her greatly. It is a saddening aspect but her attitude, cuteness and character overcome this minute issue to make her adorable.

2. Kaname Chidori (Full Metal Panic)

Kaname is more a sadist than a tsundere with her complete disregard for human suffering, pain, and a general lack of self control when it comes to beating the main protagonist senseless. She should not be considered a tsundere but a TSUNdere. Admittedly, her boy does take everything to the extreme in any situation but that is what he is trained to do. Its his job to possess balls of steel and the mind of a robot. Kaname is determined to set him right through proper, socially acceptable torture methods. On the other hand, deep within her dominatrix routine lies a caring girl who is trying in her own manner to protect the guy she fell in love with. The guy is tough and so must she be if she ever hopes to keep him alive. Kaname knows this and so takes out her paper fan/whip thing and teaches the male lead a good lesson or two in acceptable behavior. Kaname worries and frets and feels hopeless, yet hides all of that in a steel shell, making her a perfect tsundere. 

Plot is not an issue for this beauty. She knows her power and uses it in combination with her dominatrix training to keep the male lead all to herself. She knows other girls are out there stalking her hunk, so she brings out the big guns and gives viewers a healthy dose of plot.

1. Hitagi Senjogahara (Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari)

Two .gifs for the Queen

I am pleased to bring to you the absolute Queen of them all, Hitagi Senjogahara. She makes the others look like prepubescent children in front of her absolute dominance over her man. Senjogahara is not one to be messed with. She is a unique case where the "tsun" aspect pretty much never goes away and remains constant. The "dere" is expressed through the minute samples of reasoning she provide while tormenting the male lead as justification for her actions. Her weapons of choice are everyday school supplies, yet she wields them with deadly efficiency. With one stapler, she can take out a vampire, with one pencil, she can control the life of the male lead, with no weapons at all except her womanhood, she can stop a raging monster in its tracks... Yet behind everything lies concern for the male lead. Senjogahara wants to be treated like a girl and finds it hard to express. The only thing capable of taming her and striking fear into her heart...is the threat of someone taking her boy away. That fear of loss brought the "dere-ness" out.

Plot is merely an afterthought for one as beautiful as her. However, the strange thing is, even when having a decent amount of plot, she does feel insecure about it in an indirect manner. Expressed primarily in the second season of this anime, Nisemonogatari, Senjogahara's "dere" side shows up in a manner that doesn't need a vast encyclopedia on "Understanding Girls and their Emotions" to decipher. It is made clear she experiences fear and love at the same time, although one could call her methods of showing it barely legal. Actually scratch that, people pay to be in a situation where the protagonist is with Senjogahara, I wouldn't give a damn about its legality. 

Ending statements

There you have it folks, my list of some great girls in the anime world. Feel free to start opinion wars. I enjoy them and will participate passionately.

Just a reminder, plot is an important aspect, however, it is not always needed. What makes a good tsundere is her attitude and person, not the depth of her plot. All a girl needs is to be aware of the fact that plot  ain't everything. It is just a small part of what guys like. Now why am I suddenly going all white knight? Because being plot-less has become a cliche in the anime world, and I HATE cliches (how much you ask? I have mentioned it on my other blogs, you might enjoy them too if you enjoyed this one).
Finally, thank you for reading this. Tell me what you think.


darkdante14 avatar darkdante14
Jun 23, 2013

So good to read a blog by you after all this time. And man, what a great comeback :D I've been wanting to make my own top 10 favourite anime female characters for a while now but that will have to wait. First of all, loved the tone. Sincere and humorous at the same time. As for the list - I haven't seen half of the anime in your list and so naturally my tsundere list would be different but nevertheless, it's your list and you did an amazing job justifying why you chose these characters AND didn't give away any spoilers (some people tend to fail at that) Also, enjoyed that you added pictures. I've been meaning to try that with my reviews but I tend to get dissatisfied with the formatting and scrapping the idea.

Overall, it was a great read. Not only interesting but also a pleasure to read. If your next work (be it review or blog) is anything like this I can't wait for more!

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