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Tale of the Waning Moon

26 FEB

Quite a fun yaoi!  Upset over the loss of his lover, Ryuka makes a wish atop a hill that he'll find his true love.  The wish is heard by Ixto, the spirit of the quarter moon, who comes down and falls for Ryuka, then vanishes.  Ryuka is forced to find Ixto again, going on a journey that will take him through red-light districts, introduce him to the men he might have been fated to be with, and traverse the desert with a rich man who has an unusual attachment to his horse, all in the company of a cat spirit who ends every sentence with 'nyan.'

While I think most fans of yaoi will enjoy this title, I have a couple of reservations.  First and foremost, the story opens with a rape scene: when Ixto hears Ryuka's wish, he comes down and rapes Ryuka.  Then Ryuka is literally forced to go find Ixto - his body moves against his will.  My second gripe (and it's really not massive, considering the source, but it did get to the point of eye-rolling excessiveness) was that just about every guy in the story is gay.  One of the things that I generally enjoy about yaoi is seeing the characters deal with their unconventional relationship out in the real world, and here, aside from the fact that Ryuka's ex was a woman, the female populace is all but abandoned.  Still, it's a yaoi, so that can be expected and understood, it just detracted from the book for me personally.

That said, this book is just plain fun.  There are several indicators that Ryuka is a character in an interactive game, which lightens the spirit of the story.  Lots of yaoi action, though it's done tastefully in that it's generally fuzzed out, covered in angles/word bubbles, etc.  I liked watching Ryuka come to terms with his feelings for Ixto, and Ixto himself is a delightful tormentor!  But one must wonder... why does a moon spirit need glasses??  Despite my gripe paragraph, I did enjoy this book and look forward to reading the next two!  I'm hoping the spirits of the other phases of the moon make an appearance!

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  • Story 9/10
  • Art 10/10
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  • Overall 9.5/10


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