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about me

Hello!! >w<

I'm Ariel Veela, but please, just call me Ocyii! owo

This is My MMD OC: Ocyii X3

:bulletred:Name: Ariel Veela-Zelda Gaebora 
:bulletorange:Age: 1,001
:bulletyellow:Sex: Kyrrian
:bulletgreen:Height: 5'2-5'4
:bulletblue:Where I live: Forest of Hope
:bulletpurple:Likes: Cute things, Deadmau5, Blogging, Funnyjunk, 4chan, Tumblr, Daft Punk, Chuggaconroy, Toby Turner, Pikmin 2,Skrillex, JoshJephson, NintendoCapriSun, ProtonJohnSA, Nintendo more than anything, Djing, Legend of Zelda games, Majora's Mask, Super Mario Sunshine, AttackingTucans, SuperJeenius, Pcull44444, Veela, NonelikeJoshua, NoiseStorm, Animal Crossing, MadameWario, Nicki Minaji.

:bulletpink: Hordey cousins lvl 80 baby, yah.. we grind all day-yee That's why the alliance hate us and they hate each other cuz we gonna take um to the bg's and gonna own them Crittin, crittin crittin crittin crittin, i dunno

:bulletred: Crush , kill , destroy , swag

:bulletorange: My youtube: COMING SOON!
:bulletyellow: Tumblr: COMING SOON!
:bulletgreen: Twitter: COMING SOON!
:bulletblue: Facebook: COMING SOON!
:bulletpurple: Soundcloud: COMING SOON!
:bulletpink: Music Youtube COMING SOON. 

:bulletred: Favorite songs at the moment:

Daughtry: Out of my head

Daughtry: Crawling Back To you

Daughtry: Its not over

Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe 

Puddle Of Mudd - Blurry

:bulletorange: Current Hair Colour: Blonde/pink/purple

Add Me, <3 You!! :D

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The Forest Of Hope

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May 30, 2012

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kieiPL avatar kieiPL


May 31, 2012

Yea Tsuabasa is a great manga, unfortunately I can't say the same about the anime xD I didn't like how the anime was very episodic and didn't follow the plot of the manga but It was still somewhat enjoyable

As for updating your list, I don't blame you for not finishing yet xD........ Updating is quite tedious and boring

Maybe I should update my anime list XD

kieiPL avatar kieiPL


May 31, 2012

Thanks! =]

Tsubasa is or maybe was one of my favorite fantasy manga xD have you read it?

So are you new to anime/manga? or is your list not up to date yet?

kieiPL avatar kieiPL


May 30, 2012


I just wanted to say Welcome to Anime-Planet. I really like your avatar!

Let me know if you are ever looking for anime/manga recommendations.

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