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Lucky Star

15 MAR

I really wanted to watch a really funny anime. I scrolled down every google search, clicked on every link,and found that... That I could not find one! I then went to my last resort, Luck Star. I use it as my trump card whenever I can't find something I actually wanted to watch at the time. Its boring, no real action, but is somewhat intuiging in a way. I then went to this site and found some better ones, I have alot of animes that people have reccomended to me! ^_^

Of course, I have watched almost all of these reccomendations, but its good to read them over in case! *thumbs up*

My anime freinds says that I am just like Konata from Lucky Star. All I do is gaming, eat, sleep, and watching anime. They say I would fail for every test I have taken because of this. I aced almost every one of them. Thing is, I have a photographic memory. BWHAHA! Its my ace in the whole! Every day, I stare at the board and use my powers to defeat evil! HAHAAHA! .....I'm over-exaggerating... Aren't I? I also have really long hair and really bad at making a real conversation. I say the most random things sometimes--just like Konata! I think I am nothing like her. Lucky Star is definatley not the best anime out there... But I think its good for when you have nothing else to do! Its sort of like a time filler when you need it!

                                        Catch you later,


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