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...Wait...They're dolls?

14 MAR

I started watching Rozen Maiden today and I am currently on episode 8. I was a little confused on the first episode though, I must admit. My little brother was talking to me and I forgot to pause the video. After I finished talking to him, I kept watching- not knowing that this had happened. At the end of the episode... I freaked out. This was because I had figured out that she was a doll. And being the person I am... Went into to a "...Wait....THEY'RE DOLLS!?!?!?" frenzy. My family probably thinks I'm crazy because of that. I have a bad habit of speaking exactly whats on my mind... And that gets me into trouble alot. Especialy when it comes to things like realizing some one's a doll of all things. I have to say though, one of my favorite puppet shows of all time now is Detective Kun Kun. Every anime should have a good hard-core puppet crime show that completely interupts the main plot. :3

                                    Catch you later,


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