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Who is MINI?

There are endless users on the internet with the name “mini”… I’m not one of them… I am the only true well-known MINI with CAPS all the way through the name. It’s not a size, it’s just a name. A name all of my friends know me as, and it has been like that for years now.

I’m that kind of person, you shouldn’t judge by the look. I will always help, no matter the case and I’m always there for my friends, in-person and online. I’m an anti-mainstreamer, there’s nothing I hate more than the fact that there isn’t space for persons in this world who isn’t like everyone else, therefore I stand out of the crowd with my own style that combines the three styles that I love (emo, hardstyler and anime freaks) also for supporting those who gets starred down by society.

I'm 22 years old, and live in the small nation Denmark.

What’s up with the Fox?

I needed something behind MINI, and a facebook test said my personality reflects the Fox:

"You have the personality most often identified as a Fox. This does not necessarily mean that you are 'Foxy' as the common term is used but rather that you are a cunning and intelligent adversary. Most Fox personalities are very clever and cunning similar to the wiley itself. Many different religions and cultures have used foxes as symbols of cunning, and well as treachery. You tend to decieve people, not necessarily lie to them but hide your true nature. A fox does not look that fast, smart, or powerful but these animals are deceptive: they are very intelligent and are well-deserved of their reputations. You, likewise, tend to show people a lesser version of yourself, you prefer it if people underestimate you and don't fully know you. This isn't a bad thing in most cases, making you deserving of the title of the cunning Fox. Fox personalities are great with Eagles especially but get along with almost all of the personalities....just be wary near Horses."

I could have chosen a more random number or whatever after MINI, but I strived for getting a more unique name, that none besides me uses.


My interests are music, movies, competitive video games such as Super Smash Bros., Tekken, Super Street Fighter IV and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3… primary fighting games, but I love action, shooters, racing and platforms as well. I’m a part of the Danish gaming clan TFG (# 16). Drawing, running, and dance are also among those things I love the most. I love to style my hair (the anime way!)

My PSN username is: MINItheFox
My gamertag on XBOX LIVE: psycztar


Music is the only thing I’m addicted to. There won’t pass any single day without I’m listening to it. I love trance, smooth jazz, lounge, video game OST's, rock, drum n' bass and a few other genres.

Anime & Manga

The reason why I started watching Anime is simply because I have always loved the style, the stories and of course the characters. I prefer English sub over English dub, but it depends on the anime and context.

Some animes can simply do something to me that no other media has ever done! Claymore is the most fantastic thing I have ever seen, and not only being my absolute favorite anime of all time, it’s also my favorite franchise of all time (watched it 4 times). Elfen Lied did something similar, but it simply didn’t give me the same epic feel that Claymore did, despite Elfen Lied was amazing as well!

Manga is not something I enjoy as much as anime, but I read Claymore since I love the franchise so much.

But if you have any recommendations in both anime and manga, feel free to recommend something for me (favorite and least favorite genres are listed to the right of my "interests" section.

Other things

I would like to know more people on anime-planet. If you want to be friends, I’ll gladly accept the request. I love meeting new people, and I’m open for almost anything, so please add me if you have the interest, or leave a comment for anything you didn’t get an answer for on my profile.

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Zakofae Feb 29, 2012

Hey, har du lyst til at adde mig :> ?

NoD Dec 13, 2010

LOL I know.... xD Sidder lidt fast i anden sæson though 8I ... Idk jeg kan bare ikke tage mig sammen. XD

NoD Dec 12, 2010

Pfffffffft o god. XDDDD Nice! ... Men hey, da vi var til J-pop var jeg ikke nået meget længere selv men så kværnede jeg det hele igennem bagefter @___@

NoD Dec 11, 2010

Hey-o! How's life? :B ... Okay what. XD Får du set noget spændende her for tiden? 8D

LLBBOB Nov 30, 2010

Heej sveske.

hvis vi skal snakke om en god serie så er det "Buso Renkin" den er mega fed.

plottet i den er genialt elsker den serie ;D