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Huge fan of Texhnolyze... in my opinion the most intense anime ever made.

Enjoy marathon anime watching on the weekends while sucking down rediculous amounts of Red Bull.

I mostly enjoy horror/psychological/mystery anime.

If I had a Hoshimaru I would ride it, but I alas I do not.

Got my wife into anime(with Marmalade Boy and Inu Yasha), so now she doesn't make fun of me(as much.)

The last really great anime made was Death Note.  I watched it on a cruise with my wife.  She rooted for L, me for Light. (who roots against Light Yagami?)

Like to listen to podcast at, best podcast.

I have 9 cats... Marxie, Puppy, Tiger, Captain Evil, Peanut, Nicodemus, Greybles, Oriotis, and Kodabuki(named after Ran Kotobuki from SuperGals and Koda from Elfen Lied).  If you memorize these names and say them 5 times really fast you win a prize(legal disclaimer: you may not actually receive prize).

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Rydia Apr 18, 2011

Hello, How are you doing today :D

Nayume816 Feb 27, 2011

I just joined yesterday and hope we can become a great friend hope u dont mind me adding u >.<

Rydia Jan 22, 2011

I love your top 5 anime. Just wanted to say hi!

HikaruTenshi Dec 23, 2010

Happy Holidays! ^_^


wolfangel87 Nov 27, 2010

Cool profile!  Good job