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School Days

Aug 12, 2013

WARNING: The following review will contain spoilers of the whole show. If you have not watched the whole show, you should immediately leave this review now and see it for yourself but if you heard of it via show and other reviews, then stay tuned.

From what I heard about this anime, some say that this was either the best-worst anime they ever seen, although most of the time, I think the only evidence they can provide was the ending of said anime. Now it was based on a Japanese visual novel from 0verflow in 2005 and later for the PS2 and PSP, which does have minimal gameplay and are viewed from a 3rd person perspective.

School Days focuses on the life of Makoto Ito, a first-year high school student living in the fictional city of Haramihama (which is repeated very much in the series, I mind you) and he begins to take notice of Kotonoha Katsura, a soft-spoken and cute schoolmate who share train rides with him every morning and has a newfound crush on her and to help him get closer to Kotonoha Katsura is new upbeat desk partner and acquaintance Sekai Saionji, who really takes a special interest in helping them both but as Kotonoha & Makoto gets closer, Sekai eventually becomes jealous and has some sentimental feelings for Makoto, too, and when that happens, all of Sekai’s friends and acquaintances started to get in the involvement of Makoto’s love life and causes more friction that will spread the flames around the school.

Well, all I can say for this title is from what I heard is the ending is the most satisfying thing in the whole show and yet does it mean that it’s good?

I’m sorry but I can’t really agree to that statement because even though the ending was very satisfying and was really unexpected, it still doesn’t mean the show is good only on one thing.
For example, the characters in this show I really loathed with all my heart. I can’t tell if it they wanted me to feel sorry for them when really I want to see them having terrible things done to them and want to see their heinous and petty actions to be justified. I can’t feel any drama from any of them because they always want to get somebody over and the worst of it all, the one person who could have prevented it doesn’t bother to help at all.
Take Makoto, I really hate this character because he is the definition of a dickhead character who he supposed to think that he’s the good guy. He’s not because he either lies or bullshits about the relationships he has whether with Kotonoha or Sekai and speaking of one of those two, how much of a bitch Sekai is? Kotonoha is basically the moe and quiet character but she’s nothing interesting to look over but Sekai has the role of being the sweet best friend but really, when she’s not that persona, she can be a real bitch to anyone behind their backs. Also, there is her friend Setsuna Kiyoura, who constantly tells Makoto to be faithful to Sekai and alienate Kotonoha and tells her to stay away from her and don’t fuck her but she also wants a taste of Makoto and betrays her friend. See the hypocrisy on that character? Then 4 or 5 more girls (I think) suddenly wants Makoto for their own purposes (as in, to bone) and most of them bullied Kotonoha for lying about him being her lover but then they want to fuck him for themselves.

<div style="display: none;">But things started to cool down, especially after Sekai announces her “pregnancy” and Makoto was not having it and goes back to Kotonoha and she easily forgives him (I don’t know why but she should’ve kick his ass to the curb) and Sekai kills him in cold blood and that’s the only best thing in that show and then after that, Kotonoha kills her and then opens her uterus and discover that she’s not pregnant after all and she lives happily ever after with Makoto’s decapitated head</div>


Here’s my problem with the series, if it’s trying to be a breakdown of the slice-of-life genre of anime like Puella Magi Madoka Magica was the breakdown of Magical Girl anime, then School Days failed in that department. It’s basically like most of the slice-of-life anime with eechi in the mix and very tiresome CW-like drama. Most of the series is just so…..bland from the animation, made by TNK, an anime studio which I have never aired of but I think they either assisted on other anime in the past; the character designs are the basic moe girl with the innocent look that can deceive you and the music….which is very forgettable except that one particular scene I keep telling you about.

FINAL VERDICT: You know what, it’s no secret that I just hated this anime mainly because the characters are despicable, especially the main character who I desperately want to stomp on his privates and most of the female characters, who really needed to shut the hell up for their bullshit. It’s basically a show from The CW, ABC Family or any other teen soap as viewed in anime lens and I can’t support that. I’m sorry but this show really just upsets me.

So, does that mean I’ll give it a Clown shoes? Well, no. Like I said, the ending was the only good thing about it, so the final rating is...
Planet Tyro Rating: NOT FEELING THIS (AT ALL)

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
2/10 overall
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