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These words should tell you all about me: Spillio, Anime lover and reviewer (also review many things media), mysterious person, hip-hop and electronica connoisseur, so on and so-forth.

I'm just another film lover and fan, music enthusiast, animation fan (both western and anime) and overall media junkie.

I do a little blog called ANIME DISCOVERY, where I review anime and sometimes either OVA (or OVA Madness) or anime movies that I have not seen yet, although most of you don't know what I have or haven't seen yet but you can just ask me.

As of recently, I also do a blog called (HY)LIGHTS that focuses on current (or past) media in either TV, Music, or movies.

I also do occasional movie reviews and top 10 anything media related specials and some basic things that I found interesting.

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EmpressMadara avatar EmpressMadara


Aug 13, 2013

Well, I can't say manga was "a bit" better. Manga IS much better. Manga has some complex and deep story which anime didn't developed right and didn't even finished.

angelsreviews avatar angelsreviews


Jul 15, 2013

Nice to see you on here!

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