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Wow, how cute!

15 JUN

This site is great. So, blogging, huh?

I guess I'll talk about my day yesterday for now.

I havent eaten in about a day and a half - 2 days. And not slept properly for the same.

I went on chat, and I was asked what country they live in

They gave me loads of obvious clues, and I just couldn't get it!

It turned out to be singapore. I was told theyre 8 hours ahead, in asia, a former colony of britain (where I live)

it wasn't india


I felt like a total bimbo. I have never really perceived myself that way before, but then again, geography and history are my worst subjects.

(I've only ever done half a year of each...that, and I don't think britain cares much about singapore right now, so we don't talk about it much)

Bleh. >.<

It seems to be an effort to want to prove myself, caus eit really bummed me out, I wanted to email the person and be all "Hey hey I hadnt eaten or slept and I don't know geography, but I'm smart in other things!!"


I'm such a dummy.

Anyway, maybe I will get to prove my intellect sometime, and show I am smart at some things.

What are your best subjects?

I'm really good at english, pretty good at art, anything with japan I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable on, Though I am still teaching myself the language.

Oh and for some reason, I never considered myself good at science, but I used to get a's in it.

So I guess I am XD

Oh, I am horrible at maths, history, and geography.

I wish we had Home ec here in england. I bet I could do really well there!

....Me being a bimbo again.

Thanks for readnig? I will post somethig way way more interesting next time than my day. XD

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ItsumoHitori avatar ItsumoHitori
Jul 20, 2011

keep up the good work

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