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More Spring 2012

15 APR

Kuromajo-san ga Touru - Episode 2

I really like this show. The gags keep on being delivered. Using this black magic potion to fly so you don't have to learn how to ride a bike. Hehe. I'm most likely going to watch this show to the end.

Gakkatsu - Episode 2

Gotta say I love that style, Reminds me aalot of south park. Simple yet effective I got to say. Another gag anime, I just can't drop this, The episode was about why none of the male students where using the stalls. I wonder what they are going to talk about in the next episode, cause I'm definitely watching it.

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead - Episode 2

If it wasn't for the gags I probably wouldn't watch this show, because its the gags that really pull this show together. The bear part in this episode made me pause the show just to stop laughing. "Dear Diary, I went to the Forest, and I met a bear" Oh that was hilarious. 

Sankarea - Episode 2

I already love this show, zombies and ecchi, sound familiar? That aside Rea's parents are really weird. It seems like Rae's mother is cold to her because she is an illegitimate child, or from what I get at. Her Father though.....is so creepy......Also this episode ends in a cliff hanger so I would advise you to hold off until the next episode....unless if you enjoy the weekly wait......

Eureka Seven Ao - Episode 1

I have to go back and finish Eureka Seven, I know I didn't watch enough of that anime to know what is going on in this. The main character in this Ao looks just like Eureka and Renton. I enjoyed it but it also kinda dragged on, like Eureka Seven did, anyway I'm gonna continue to watch it.

Jormungand - Episode 1

Guns, I love guns. I love the seriousness when it needs to be serious and the goofiness of the gags whenever they are delivered. My favorite part of this episode was when the arms dealer said that four of her teammates could go on a hunt, then it showed them with demon eyes. I thought that part was really funny. Going to watch this series....for better or for worse. From the looks of it, maybe they will fire a nuke at the end?

Zetman - Episode 2

Well they grew up fast.....Also it seems like we got the main character who is almost emotionless, and the white haired friend of the main character being some kind of hero. It seems like the main characters guardians are destined to die. I'm still gonna watch this one.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san - Episode 1

A cute cthulhu....nice....Also the cthulhu loves anime/manga and she already loves the main character. My favorite part is whenever she protects the main character from the human slave pirate things. He gets all traumatized and its funny. It reminds me a lot of To-Love-Ru. Based on the opening it seems like the bad-guys eventually wind up and live in the main characters home eventually. 

Polar Bear Cafe - Episode 2

Ahh this light comedy sure makes you want to go awwwwww. It goes pretty slowly for me though, needs more gags, but I'm gonna continue to watch it because my roommate also watches it.

Yurumates 3D - Episode 2

Cosplaying characters huh. Heheh this episode was pretty funny. I'm kind of sad it's not a thirty minute show but what can you do?

Natsuiro Kiseki - Episode 2

Still not sure about this one. As long as they don't all sing in the middle of the show I'm fine with this kind of anime. I like the characters and how they interact with each-other, I just wish there were more gags....like A-channel and Yuru Yuri......

Lupin III A Woman named Mine Fujiko - Episode 2

This time its Fujiko and Jigen. This is a very dark anime indeed. Nothing like the original Lupin III, people actually die in this anime. The art style is just pure genius and I hope it stays that way.

Nazo no Kanojo - Episode 1 and 2

First thoughts....The girlfriend just had to be some kind of alien, because I know she isn't human. How can you get addicted to drool eh? Kid must be some kind of pervert. Oh well, it is very original in my book. Plus her trick she does with the scissors is some pretty serious stuff.....I wouldn't want to get on her bad side. Gonna watch this one for sure.

Accel World - Episode 1 and 2

Action! Fights! Virtual Reality! I'm already in love with this show. It's pretty original with the character design of the main character. You don't see too many main characters that are like that. I wonder what other kind of fights he is going to get into. I still don't know about that girl that gave him that program though.

Medaka Box - Episode 2

Ecchi, she dresses up as a dog in this episode....I think that is pretty freaking hilarious to see the dog run away scared because of her. I might or might not drop it later down the line but I'm gonna watch the third episode.

Shining Hearts Shiawase no Pan - Episode 1

The first episode is supposed to suck you into a world and make you want to continue to watch.....not with this anime though. Nothing too awe-aspiring for me in this series. I'm hoping something big happens later, like that big storm that is going to happen later. At first I didn't know it was based on a game until I say Sega in its name. I might watch a couple more episodes, I'm just hoping it'll be more interesting later.

Tsogare Otome x Amnesia - Episode 1

The president is a ghost, and one of the club-members doesn't even know that she is there the whole time. That is pretty hilarious. Just with the gags alone, I'm gonna watch this.

Shiba Inuko-san - Episode 1

I just couldn't watch this.....too much for me. There is this very thing gray line where most of the weird animes that I watch fall into and I watch them, but this one crossed it for whatever reason. I couldn't even finish this episode. I dropped it.


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