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This series is 12 episodes, which i think is near perfect amount. Any more and the story would have dragged on. Tekashi and Yamada are on a mission to lose their virginity but apparently they get cockblocked every chance they get. As the story goes, Yamada has a goal to have 100 sex buddies. This idea for an anime is quite unique, and i thought it was told fairly well. The majority of episodes consist of Yamada trying to get into Tekashi's pants, but the viewer finds out that she is a tsundere. Yes, she makes situations more difficult by showing mixed emotions or blantly avoiding Tekashi. An odd concept if you ask me, because why is she avoiding her initial goal?

The comedy (The most essential element for the series). does fairly well as I laughed at least once per episode. I dont recall much, if any, repeats of jokes. Yes, most of the show's content is sexual related. A lot of the jokes were actually funny. Some of my favorites were the characters' reactions ( which are a bit different from other animes).

Characters-The only two worth mentioning individually is Tekashi and Yamada. Tekashi is a pessimist who seems like a boring guy. He is reserved and does not have much confidence. Yamada is a tsundere sex fiend... thats pretty much it. These two types of characters work well in creating awkward situations. I'm not much of a tsundere fan, but I did find Yamada annoying sometimes because of her tsundere-ness. She just cant make up her damn mind. The rest of the cast were pretty generic, but it worked out well for the story.

Worth a watch if you like tsundere or ecchi. The ecchi level is above average. of course the private areas are blocked by the "devil condom" logo, which you see plenty of it. You actually see that logo in random places, which is interesting. Also, Tekashi's sex god plays a small role as a sensorer for Tekashi's private. Something new, which i thought was a nice funny touch.

8/10 story
9.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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