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Inazuma Eleven

Jul 26, 2010

Story: 6

Seeing the special techniques is what got me into this anime. This seems to be aimed at lower teenager audience. As such, it can be expected that the atmosphere would be bright. The protagonist acts as a captain for the soccer team at his school. Through issues of motivation and skill, he guides his team to rise and compete in the leagues. Now what i come to realize at about the halfway point through the series is that because of this "happy" atmosphere, is that I know what is going to happen. Pretty much anyone will know whats going to happen. Even so, I continued watching because the special techniques were fun to watch. I looked around and see not many of this type of anime; one that involves sports and special attacks. These do look cool, but on the contrary, seems a bit silly as they determine the skill level of a team (example: one team is known for an unpenetrable defense so their opponent can never score. This team has 3 people simultaneously stomp on the goalkeeper grounds to summon up a giant wall of dirt and rocks.) i mean really, i know the creators want to add variations in the techniques, but still.

There will hardly any to little spoilers here because I chose to quit watching at about 27 out of 90 episodes). Like I mentioned, the story starts to get highly predictable and the special attacks start to get stale. Once in a while, the team makes up a new one to overcome their next opponents.

The point at which i stopped watching is after the first tournament. I was quite amazed at what happens next. Aliens show up and blows up their school. WOW. Here's how the developers choose to bring on the new tough opponents for the protagonist team. At some point i will eventually fnish off the anime because i always want to finish what i started to watch. Still, it is very predictable.

Animation: 8

It is nice and suits for this type of anime. Special attacks does look special. The attacks are fluid and has the bright colors to show for it.

Character: 7

Besides the occasional developments of the special attacks, which consists of different members of the team, the characters dont really change much. Sure there is a mix of different personalities in the team, but they remain static in what i watched to far.

conclusion: 7

i know it may seem like im bashing, but the pros of it being a flarey sports anime makes it at least ok in my book.

6/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Ryooo Nov 28, 2010

As MageOnx says, should of watched more, It's fun right after the frontier and now at the world tournaments make it even more interesting.

MageOnx Sep 4, 2010

You should've watched through the alien saga. I know, I was pretty disappointed when they suddenly showed aliens, and I couldn't believe they were really aliens untill the end of the saga (turns out I was right, they weren't aliens!). After the "aliens", the team starts collecting regruits to join the world tournament and that's when it gets really interesing with numerious variations in character design and hissatsu techniques (there's even hissatsu tactics now!). So in any case, I would strongly reccomend continuing the series. I don't think you'll find another one of the kind any time soon!^^