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Jan 21, 2010

Story: 9

In relation to another anime, this is like the romance version of Azumanga Daioh. The high school life of 2 males and the 6 females (4 of which are focused) probably could not go any better than what this series shows. It was awkward to notice that the characters had no conflicts of the world, besides romance. Right from the beginning, the show was very consistent. The developments seems to be above average of the genre. It was easy to understand what the characters were going through, and I could not help but be emotional with them. I found myself "aww-ing" constantly at those cute moments, and semi-surprised at the little romance twists (slightly foreseeable). This show's primary upside was the cute moments. Keep in mind that there will be love triangles, and many of them.

What made me happy was that the characters seemed realistic and actually did things in their relationships, Instead of a static relationship. Thank goodness they actually have kissing scenes where the characters kiss. Nothing is more irritating when you finish a series and notice that none of the characters kissed because they are pansies.

From the ending, in a good way, I wanted to see more. While it was "sudden" and may leave you a bit dazed, the series closes up fairly nicely. This is the type of series where you wish it could last forever. While it is not a tear-jerker, it was like an emotional hurricane for me. It is awkward for me to admit that this series made me slightly depressed for an hour, thinking what it would be like to be back in high school, having an  almost care-free and fun high school life.

Animation: 9

It was very clean and had vibrant colors. above average quality for the time it was made.

Sound: 9

Expected sound. Some of the music I didn't even notice. Some of the gentle, moody music however, were quite catchy and had fit the mood.

Characters: 9

For the 2 male characters, they had the good guy, patient personalities. They were actually fun to watch, and this is quite rare because I usually have the urge to punch male protagonists for their lack of effort, concern, or they are just plain annoying. There was quite of a variety, though standard casts for the 6 females. You have the general caring one, who has been childhood friends with the male protagonists, the sporty tomboy-ish, reserved genius who likes to shun others, the shy one who breaks her shell, the rich and classy girl, and the 2 very similiar younger girls who are quite energetic and have an interest in udon noodles and frog dolls. Like I said before, they are quite consistent but they do develop eventually. Every character has a unique or nice quality to them. The viewer is bound to connect with one of the girls (and I suppose, root them on to get the guy)

Overall: 9

Very happy that I came across this series. Quite sad that the anime is only 24 episodes long. I know it is the standard size, that shows how much I enjoyed this. Though it is definately a watch if you like romance and "aww!!" scenes

9/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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animeandwwefanDXXD Oct 27, 2011

saw this anime on the main wall, is this like toradora? storyline reminds me of it! and its made by the same company that made toradora and Zero no tsukaima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    -puts in want to watch