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Bogg says...

It at least brought a smile on your face,I'm happy with that :P

I don't think the people will ever rebel.The higherups are so ignorant and corrupted because they know the common people won't do anything.The common man in my country is very religious,enduring all sorts of bad treatment,believing that if they are patient,God will fix everything...which it will never happen.The common man is also unneducated,rarely talking about their rights because they don't know anything about them.And,lastly,they are easily distracted,filling their lives with gossips,sports or whatever it is on TV,blind to what is going on around them.The country looks it's dying,the population is decreasing year by year by the millions,mainly because people just leave to work abroad.The people did try to rebel about 2 years ago,but it was just a bunch of 1000-2000 people at most,asking for a change.And of course,as great people they were,they were fooled by one of the oldest and easiest tricks in politics...the prime minister quit his job and said "hey,I made some bad decisions,blablabla",the people calmed down.And then,another prime minister came that was the same as the last one,because he was from the same political party and since then,no rebellion.What a wonderful country!They actually thought they made a change.

F**k Yeah!...slimy salted food,exactly what a teenage highschooler needs to refill their energy for a wonderful new day at school!The food of gods!How could you ask for something better than that? XD Sorry,I couldn't help it,sounds pretty terrible but,at least it was free and I guess nobody forced you to eat.

I'm not a family person like yourself.Well,I guess nobody would if you,for example would live in constant stress,not knowing how your parents,coming home from work,angry,might react leading to arguments in which you are never right,never allowed to speak what's on your mind,because in their are young and stupid and never right and therefore,must obey them like a blind sheep.Whenever things don't happen their way,they blame it sometimes on you and saying you cause only trouble.If your way of thinking is different than theirs,then you are immature and will suffer in life and so on,I could tell you more but I'm certain you would get bored and it would require hours of writing from my part so let's just leave it at that.Most of the time,I don't feel like I even have a family.And you can try and say whatever you want,that I should love them because they're my parents and they raised and whatever but I'm not such a good person to forgive that kind of treatment.Once I finish college,I'll try to find a workplace as far away from them as possible and let them live withouth having to bother with me anymore.

If you really liked it,then don't give up.And you don't have to follow in the footsteps of the bad teachers,learn only the good things from them and apply them to your own strengths.Otto von Bismarck once said "Only a fool learns from his own mistakes.The wise learn from the mistakes of others.". 

You can't teach all of them,only in situations when there are fewer kids so you can have the time to prepare them individually.Maybe some of them were bored,found the ideea of calculating the number of balls boring XD maybe you should have said "hey,I have 15 soldiers,2 out of 3 of them use guns while the rest use swords XD" and some react positive to motivations like rewards corrent chocolate..but I don't think teachers are allowed to do that XD so anyway...what I meant to say is...for your first try,I think you did a very good job and you should be happy with yourself. 

I wish I had a,I want 2 XD

Of course you want to play,who wouldn't?

Maybe you are,I just couldn't find a more appropriate word in my vocabulary to describe the ideea.Maybe most people don't use chatting programs and I'm one of the few who does...I'm the guinea pig now XD 

Jun 10, 2013
Bogg says...

Of course.

You want to study at a college in the capital?

I don't even think they're gonna use those Ebooks.Since the country fails at so many chapters,the ministers thought..well,we should be the first at something,to PRETEND we're a civilised they,thought,hey,only South Korea uses Ebooks so let us be the first Europeans to use those,we will be a model for the other countries in EU.So it was more like a marketing decision,not really something to enhance the education,at least that's what I believe.Cause if they really cared,they would change other more severe things,not add Ebooks when some people in the rural area don't even know what electricity is and illiteracy is at alarming rates.

So,you have a cantina?If you do,that's awesome XD..I never had one of those.It depends on what they want to add in those snack vending machines cause there's some sort of law that forbids unhealthy food to be sold in the premises of the school.At my college,there is a vending machine but nobody uses it since everything is overpriced so they just go to a nearby store and buy whatever they want.

Hehe,that's how my parents act with me,I understand how you feel.

Good to know,then.

Well,you shouldn't lose faith because of that.It takes experience and proper training to do it right.After that,you build confidence which diminuates your shyness.So it can be resolved as long as you enjoyed doing it.What age were the kids?Maybe they didn't yet learn to count to more than 10 so when they heard 15..they were like..WTF IS THAT!? O.O'..Maybe you should have tried drawing the 15 balls and highlighting each group of 3 and started counting how many baseballs were.And then tried another example to see if they understood..well,anyway,don't listen to me.


Shounen adventures?Hehe,after all,that's what life is,a journey full of obstacles in which you don't really know what ca be at the end of it but you can dream.

I see.

That's an interesting way of looking at it.

Jun 9, 2013
NarutoFangirl10 says...

I think so too, but it still feels weird that they've been through so much but none of them age a day ^^"

And that feeling's not good T.T I'm pretty sure every kid who goes to school knows that feeling so at least I'm not alone =P

It was really hard at first but once I learnt some basic words, the rest wasn't so hard to learn =D

Yup... this part of the conversation is pretty awkward so why don't we talk about something else? Though I'm not sure what. Sorry, I'm terrible at starting conversations ^^" That's probably why I always do horribly at oral

I guess so. But no matter how many times I read it, it still seems kinda confusing XD

Jun 8, 2013
Bogg says...

Country..independent,who cares?I'll be happy when everything around me is how it should be,not a pile of mess pretending it's not XD

Or it may be the other way some countries(including mine),the teaching has gone extremely bad,the requirements to graduate have lowered as if they want unprepared idiots to finish high-school/college.And considering the current crisis,the unemployement rate has gone very high(despite the things the press tell you that it's ok..those are just lies).Well,it depends on the youngsters,too..for example in my country nobody wants to be a carpenter,or a repairman,etc.,they all want to sit at a desk and laze around while they get payed exorbitant loads of money,when they don't even finish high-school and then after they don't get hired(and they wonder why),they just stay at home and live off their parent's money instead of lowering their standards.

After the current Ministry of Education's vision of an ideal educational system,yes.I find as a proof of abjective ignorance.

What did she have against you?

Was I too harsh?Sorry :I

I think you would make an excelent teacher considering you already seem to know what's wrong in teaching and how you should do it properly and I believe you would understand the kids very well :) Maybe teaching even English.

Well,you have your reasons for wanting to aim high and I respect that.

Yup,that's modern television.Now you know why I don't even bother watching TV anymore.

Well,thanks for trying ^^

Yes,it is,but he's just an obstacle I have to surpass on my way to greatness!

Sad...what are the other stuff?If you don't want to answer,I'll understand :)

Do you have a phobia of chatting programs?Hehe,just kidding,if you don't like them then it's ok.I use them so often,I thought everyone does.

Jun 8, 2013
NarutoFangirl10 says...

So true! XD

Yeah! And the victims usually die when Conan gets involved XD I have thought about the jail thing before, like how they can contain so many criminals there. What's weirder to me is that they never age even though it feels like even in show, it's already been a few years

Haha, and I feel really sleepy since I have to wake up early in the morning everyday and put up with those lessons T.T

I've been self-learning Japanese since 2010 (mostly through anime too =P) and I can read, understand and speak basic japanese. As for writing, I can never remember what words to use XD

They're counted as the subject 'Combined Humanities' so... yeah

Wow, sounds complicated o.o

Jun 7, 2013