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Bogg Jun 4, 2013

There are not so many.The main reason would be,mainly,that the salary of a teacher sucks.

Just do the best you can and you'll be fine.Let others use whatever methods they want.Scholarships and awards don't mean anything,as long as you're happy with what you achieved then that's enough.

No,it's not cowardly,it's how the world works.When you'll get a job,you'll see that kind of people everywhere.It will be a part of normal day life.It took me some time to get used to them,too.

Yes,teachers suck.

Really.Everyone has a time when they're interested in social studies me,politics is a worthless subject because it never affects us,the common people so it's of no use talking about it.

Yes,we did XD

Well,you are right but,it depends on the situation.You're talking about very severe situations.At least,in my case,I had friends that helped me out in need and I helped them,too(like,when one of my friends was about to get robbed).Wow,that's some interesting thinking.It's true in some cases but not all the time.I guess you trusted the wrong people.I'm nice to you,do you consider I have an ulterior motive?

Yes,I do know her.She's in my friends list on A-P but we didn't really talk,maybe just once.I downloaded the game and made an account and it seems it works fine for me.I really wouldn't want to disturb you girls but if you invited me,then,I'll be honoured to join.


Yes,that's your emoticon XD


Bogg Jun 3, 2013

I'm starting to observe that I use "Well" at the start of senteces kind of often XD

Bogg Jun 3, 2013

Well..yeah.Even if he doesn't deserve the job.One day,we were given forms in which we had to grade the teachers for their punctuality,the way they teach,the way they act and more.So far,he got the worst grades possible but I'm certain that those forms were just standard procedures and they won't count cause if they would,he would probably get fired.I guess they didn't fire him yet cause of possible 2 reasons:1.the higherups don't care he has bad results or 2.they can't find a replacement for him.

Some of my collegues were pretty revolted at the fact that the people who always talked with the teachers and gave them the impression that they care about studying got 10 withouth having to do anything happens everywhere(this so-called "ass-kissing").But if it works,good for them,I have nothing against them.One English poet once said "All is fair in love and war".I don't know about the love part,but the war part,I agree.If you really want something,you do whatever it takes(depends on the limits of the person and the situation,of course).

Well,I always avoided them but..since that guy failed me,I have no choice.

Well,I used it more like a figure of speech but I have be very good at what I'll do.

Politics is a very worthless subject.Nuclear weapons on the other hand,that's a different story :D ..I believe we already talked about this :P

Well,everybody is like that.They say "the real me is annoying",well even I can seem very annoying but it depends on the people you hang around with,for example I'm very nice and respectful to some,very mean to others,very sarcastic to others and so on.True friends are the ones that bring the best out of you.That's why they're so hard to find.

With us?Who are the others?And what do you play?..And yeah,I have 4 weeks of exams and then 2 weeks of practise.

Good job!

yey \(^o^)/

Bogg Jun 1, 2013

You're welcome!

I wouldn't call him a teacher :P considering the amount of incompetence he's showing.

True.And that's why mainly teenagers commit suicide because at one point in life they realise that life doesn't work the way they hoped and find themselves in a situation when they can't meet the expectations.Even aduls can't handle it sometimes.

I don't waste money,either.As a matter of fact,I've been trying for years to gather enough to buy a laptop but it's not going so well.Good thing I had good enough grades so that I didn't have to pay my college studies,otherwise I would probably never have gotten into college because my parents couldn't pay for it.

Well,one of the problems was that the money for expenses like food,accomodation,etc. wasn't enough so I would have to bring money from home,which I don't have and the main problem was that after the semester of studying abroad,I would find myself with most of my exams here,failed.So I would have to take the make-up tests this autumn.

I can only try to apply for a job in another country after I've made a name for myself here,first.Leaving this country was an option I was planning for a long time.

Well,thank you.I was thinking that maybe some of the things I was talking about could be boring or irritating for you cause I don't know you that well.I would love to find out more about you,you seem like a great person.

So,I guess,since it's vacation,you're gonna start playing MMO's?Don't forget to sleep at night :P . I had friends that didn't go to school/work so they can play a game(either MMO,either single-player) and some don't sleep for days :P but as much I heard about you,I don't think you would do such a thing.

I hope so,too.

Bogg May 31, 2013

If this is the way you want it,then good luck!

About those random grades..I meant that at one exam,the professor didn't even look at our testpapers and just graded people with random numbers...for example,you get a 5,you get a 4,you get a 10,etc. and I was one of the unlucky ones that got a 4.He's not the first one that had such a "method".I've seen proffesors like this all my life,maybe they were one of the reasons I didn't give my all at studying.Lately,girls are getting graded better than us withouth them knowing anything at all about the subject.This isn't the first time I saw this,either :)

This is what I meant with "life isn't fair".People are never equal from the start.The friends you have,your family,the place you were born,the schools you attended,the things you like,the things you learned,your luck,even your sex,etc. affects your life.

Things have been hard for me ever since I was born cause of my family and now,life at college is even worse cause of these proffesors that don't care if you fail and some don't even care if you learn anything.

I was offered a scholarship to learn in Poland for a semesterm,as well,but refused because of their stupid rules.

I guess my only solution is to find some books about the specialty I'm at and study by myself this summer. 

Sorry if I wrote too much,we should talk about more interesting things later.I think what I'm gonna say is not going to affect you with anything but..Have a nice vacation!