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Bogg says...

Country..independent,who cares?I'll be happy when everything around me is how it should be,not a pile of mess pretending it's not XD

Or it may be the other way some countries(including mine),the teaching has gone extremely bad,the requirements to graduate have lowered as if they want unprepared idiots to finish high-school/college.And considering the current crisis,the unemployement rate has gone very high(despite the things the press tell you that it's ok..those are just lies).Well,it depends on the youngsters,too..for example in my country nobody wants to be a carpenter,or a repairman,etc.,they all want to sit at a desk and laze around while they get payed exorbitant loads of money,when they don't even finish high-school and then after they don't get hired(and they wonder why),they just stay at home and live off their parent's money instead of lowering their standards.

After the current Ministry of Education's vision of an ideal educational system,yes.I find as a proof of abjective ignorance.

What did she have against you?

Was I too harsh?Sorry :I

I think you would make an excelent teacher considering you already seem to know what's wrong in teaching and how you should do it properly and I believe you would understand the kids very well :) Maybe teaching even English.

Well,you have your reasons for wanting to aim high and I respect that.

Yup,that's modern television.Now you know why I don't even bother watching TV anymore.

Well,thanks for trying ^^

Yes,it is,but he's just an obstacle I have to surpass on my way to greatness!

Sad...what are the other stuff?If you don't want to answer,I'll understand :)

Do you have a phobia of chatting programs?Hehe,just kidding,if you don't like them then it's ok.I use them so often,I thought everyone does.

Jun 8, 2013
NarutoFangirl10 says...

So true! XD

Yeah! And the victims usually die when Conan gets involved XD I have thought about the jail thing before, like how they can contain so many criminals there. What's weirder to me is that they never age even though it feels like even in show, it's already been a few years

Haha, and I feel really sleepy since I have to wake up early in the morning everyday and put up with those lessons T.T

I've been self-learning Japanese since 2010 (mostly through anime too =P) and I can read, understand and speak basic japanese. As for writing, I can never remember what words to use XD

They're counted as the subject 'Combined Humanities' so... yeah

Wow, sounds complicated o.o

Jun 7, 2013
Bogg says...

Sorry,I meant to should stop stressing over small things.

Jun 6, 2013
Bogg says...

No,EU is not bad.It should be a union of civilised and strong countries, country is neither strong,nor civilised to deserve being in the EU.I don't think it should even be called a country.

Well,yeah.You're a kid until you join the work-force.Until then,they have to prepare you so that you can bring a brighter future but it looks like it's not working.I guess the generation gap has something to do with it,too.Very few teachers advance along with the times.

Here's a fun fact.In my country,half the schools(mostly the ones from the rural areas) don't have electricity and heating in the winter but now the Ministry of Education wants teachers to teach using Ebooks!Genius!

Well at least she tried to teach you something XD

If you can't do anything about your complex than nobody can.

Lawyer,right!You told me this once...sorry I brought the subject up again XD..Well,it depends on what you like and what you understand the best at school,from there you can think of other possible careers.

Your brain doesn't work sure have a bad impression of yourself for somebody who wants a scholarship.You sure you're not just lying to yourself?

Yes,exactly.Ok,let's make a simulation of how an hour of a news podcast goes.So,the first 10 minutes,usually it's about murders,rapes,thefts,etc.,after that,another 10 minutes for foreign news(useless stuff like...there was a festival,some rich dude died of old age or cause he had a drug overdose,etc.) then 20 minutes talking about politicians,laws,statistics(our country is the poorest,worst education,etc.),10 minutes of sports news(sometimes it can last even country mates sure love their football),5 minutes of weather the end..let's show you a random video of a cat/baby doing funny cat/baby stuff that we found on the internet..Enjoy!


I don't even know what to should stressing over small things.

Yes,we will.

Of course you're not forcing me,it will be my pleasure.Thanks for the kind words,too bad tomorrow I have an exam with the guy who failed me last semester,the one that gives random grades XD

So sad to see young people beeing so busy,even in their means tomorrow is not a good day?

I don't see what's so bad about them,they're very usefull.Skype is free,you only pay money when you want some sort of premium account which I have no ideea what you get from it since you already have everything you need for free.

Jun 6, 2013
Bogg says...

Yes and I don't think it deserves to be.

The way criminals are taken care of has always been a subject of controversy.Some say that more money is spent on an inmate's incarceration than on a child's education.

Teachers should be the most important persons in a country(if they're good at course) because they dictate how the future will be..howprepared are the next generations and what mentality/view they have of the future.

Those kinds of persons are everywhere where I come from so again,don't be too hard on yourself.

Well..I can't say anything about that.If you really want it that much and you think it deserves the effort,ok should really take it easier,you'll acquire a lot of stress and in the end,you'll get depressed if thingsdon't go your way.I'm not saying you should be lazy but wanting to be perfect can actually have a worse effect on you than you think.

Can you tell me what ideas where you thinking of? :)

I mostly read the news online,if I even care about it.Apart from politics,you mostly find on TV,subjects about how our country is so bad,that it's the worst on the continent,etc.They even have a few minutes at the end to show videos from Youtube about cats that do cute things or babies...!


What a bunch of philistines...well,I guess that's how youth works,they pick on the person most different from them so they can prove their superiority.You should just tell them that you're not ok with that but I guess it's not that easy.Don't worry,at college,you won't meet such people.

We'll see how you truly are when we'll play togheter.I'm sure you're not that different.

That sounds usefull.


Well,it should be about GMT+2.So,as far as I see,it's the same as in Finland.I can't be online today cause I have an exam tomorrow and I've gotten interested in a book lately so let's say tomorrow at  18:00.Is it fine by you? 

Too bad you don't use a chatting program like Skype for example,it would have been easier to synchronise and talk more in a shorter timespan(not resuming ourselves to just 1-2 comments on A-P a day).I find it difficult to believe you don't use such a thing and maybe you don't want to tell me have your reasons and I'll not ask about it.

Jun 6, 2013