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Bogg May 29, 2013

Well,you should study as much as you can/understand while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.This motivation of yours must have appeared from something that happened in your life or was imprinted in you by your parents cause I don't see somebody freely choosing such a lifestyle.Or maybe you're one of those geniuses that understand everything and memorise very fast so in that case,you would study for fun but since you said you're not doing it for fun,I guess this would not be true.

Yes,I am in college,and I'm doing good,passed all of my exams except one in which all the grades were given randomly.I learned a lot of things here.First being that grades don't mean anything and that life isn't fair(not for everybody,at least).Until I learned that,I was stressed,too.It may sound kind of pesimistic but,that's how things are,especially in my case.

NarutoFangirl10 May 28, 2013

Well, I can study it by myself but I won't be taking the exam since I don't take it as a subject =(

Thanks a lot! ^^

Yeah. It used to be legal but not anymore 'cause the government don't want people to stick bubblegum everywhere after chewing it (that sounds really gross now that I think about it)

It's really amazing that Detective Conan can continue for so long (not that I'm complaining =P)! Fairy Tail has already made a filler arc before but I don't think they can keep doing it. Maybe it's because they don't want it to end up like Naruto or Bleach which have so many fillers that people lost interest in them.

Two and a half months?! That's longer than all the holidays I have in a year! The only 'vacations' we have are the whole of June and December. We also have some holidays that are 1-2 days long though. As for the stress, we learn to deal with it somehow XP I have about 7 hours of lessons everyday in school, I also have 3 tuitions, piles of homework, and sometimes extra lessons on weekends or holidays. With a life like that, stress becomes natural ^^"

You're so lucky! The only languages we get to learn are English, our Mother Tongue (Mandarin, Malay or Tamil), and (only for some) a third language (Arabic, Indonesion, French, German or Japanese). Which sucks for me because I really want to learn more languages >.< We only get to learn psychology and philosophy in polytecnic/university if we pick a course that needs it. So basically, Singapore's education is way boring ;_;

Both I guess?

Bogg May 28, 2013


I guess they call you like that because it's the first time they met such a motivated person when it comes to studying.You would sacrifice your time,time when most people your age would have fun,to look at things you haven't been made aware of yet at school so,it's a very good thing.I wish I was like that...

NarutoFangirl10 May 24, 2013

Lucky~! I wouldn't even mind a bad teacher but we don't even have one to judge if he/she's good or bad T_T

Technically, it's summer here everyday XD (Sorry, that joke was lame ^^") Actually, I'm gonna be pretty busy throughout the whole year so I don't think I'll have time to play with you ;_; I even have exams during my June holidays ToT

Oh dear! I hope you get better soon =) also, all the best for your exmas ^^ I messed up mine really badly ;_;

Yeah, 'cause bubble gum is illegal in Singapore ^^" So I only get to chew bubble gum when I go back to Malaysia

Well, it can't be helped since at that time, the anime already caught up to the manga so they had no choice but to end it. But it seems that the anime is only taking a break. They're showing reruns now so maybe after some months the anime can resume and continue the story =)

By the way, how long is your summer vacation? Since Singapore only has summer, we don't really have summer or winter vacation =(

Woah, you study psychology and philosophy?! That's so cool! I don't find sciences like physics or chemistry too hard, maybe because I'm used to doing it almost everyday in school. I scored third highest for science in the entire level in my school 2 years ago so I guess I don't have too much trouble with it =) How many subjects do you take?

Bogg May 24, 2013

That sounds pretty bad.Well,hang in there,you're almost done.Not like me,when you'll be in your vacation,I have to take exams XD