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chikoritaBH Aug 3, 2013

Yes, yes... :D I will hire more people... :D But your personality is "that" what I am looking for. xDD

Of course... :-) I can't do anything which is against her will... :-)

Okay. Just read what you want and what you like... I am not going to convince you... :D

Omake is "special chapter", "encore" or something like that... in the manga world, it's used espeacially for special chapters which are not part of the main story.

Hahaha... Well... you are right... babies of his age should wear something... xD

chikoritaBH Jul 30, 2013

Your salary? xD 1000 000 euros per year... enough or not? xDD

I could show you the pics... Well... it would be after the wedding... and that means it would be too late to disagree with my bride... xDDD

Gintama never sucks... xDD Well... but there's not many stories there... Gintama is a parody and Beelzebub is more typical shounen... :-) Beelzebub is not sooo funny after all but it has a long story in contrast to Gintama.

Brass bands, too? xDD 

chikoritaBH Jul 25, 2013

You are the right person who will be my translator... xDDD Learn more and I will hire you... xDDD

You can't even imagine how nice I am... xDD Well... if you are kind to me, I will show you the pics... :-) But you must be kind... xDDD

Gintama is better than Beelzebub. You should prefer this series before reading about that brat with green hair. xDD

Songs? Do you really think I listen to Japanese music? :D:D Sometimes just j-hop or j-pop, but I am pretty sure it's nothing for you. xD

And series... well... watch or read Medaka Box. I am sure you will like it. :-)

chikoritaBH Jul 24, 2013

Well... not everything is in English. An author who is used for my theoretical part is German so I have his books written in German... and it's always recommended to use books or websites written in the language of the country I write about... If I wrote something about Finland, it would be recommended to use Finnish texts and it would mean you would be my translator... xDDD

It's time to change it... :D Learn Czech! A new order of the ruler of the EU. ME!!! xDDD Haha... xDD

My success... well... about 50:50... xDD  But very rarely trying to creat a new love with my poems... :-) I prefer using poetry for deepening of an existing love... But since I already found my future wife, the first option how to use my poems won't be needed anymore... xDD

It's okay... and what genre of manga do you read at night? :D

chikoritaBH Jul 23, 2013

Well... the worst problem is to read so many books in German, English and Japanese since I write about Japanese imperialism before and during WW2. :-)

Why can't everyone speak and write Czech? xDD

Poetry is the most beautiful part of literature... I love it... :D It always works if I want to tell a girl "I love you" or if I want to express some other feelings or worries... :-)

Yeaaaahhhh... read sometimes something else than your textbooks... :D:D:D No wonder you are bored during reading... xDDD

Please, tell me... where is it? xDD I want to wave you... xDDD