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So, I've started watching Hell Girl because it said it was like Death Note. Not true -.- It's main protagonists are at the border and not at the center of the story, you can't get attached to any of the protagonists at the center of it because you'll be heartbroken and twisted when watching it (and they are also mostly morons), not to mention that the repetition of the whole "here's the doll, pull the string, you'll go to hell" thing takes waaaay too long.. I know she has to tell it to everyone, but it makes the anime booooring -.- So I'm at episode 13, gonna go on to 14 tomorrow. It's starting to get a plot (FINALLY) so I'll see if it'll get interesting now or not.

Also, I've been checking which animes I've watched before and I remember watching this REALLY stupid anime which I really want to give a bad grade to, but I simply can't recall the name of it. It's probably for the best.  Scratch that. Found it. Mouryou no Hako. I hate it. I don't care how many awards it got, I wasted a lot of time getting through that stupid thing -.- And OH the damn cicada sound -.-

Oh, and: <3 Gosick, but I hate Kujo. That guy needs to train a little or something -.- And he needs to stop talking to Victorique when he's fighting other people (in order to save her) because it distracts him and thereby makes him look totally incapable and a baka -.-

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cleodux avatar cleodux
Sep 25, 2012

OMG... I am totally totally agreed with you (I thought am the only one who hate) about Hell Girl and Mouryou no Hako haha... I finally watch Jigoku Shoujo... currently at episode 6, but I coudn't take it anymore... its too repetitive. A got bullied by B, A want to take revenge, Enma Ai gave the doll and the string, A got scared, B keep bulliying, until the emotion takes over A an A pulled the string. Short drama, B got ferryed to Hell. Rinse and Repeat... So stupid... first thing first, if you want to get revenge. DO IT YOURSELF! if you are incappable to do so, then shut up and just move away, cause bad karma always come around. Why want to get easier way? moron and you use your own soul to trade... arghhh... what happen when another B will come and bullying you again in your life after that? huh? stupid stupid stupid. I tried so hard to watch it, and keep hoping there is a decent plot somewhere. Enma Ai got ready to wear her kimono before doing the revenge is repetitive as well, in fact every little thing there is repetitive.

Sorry i wrote too much lol, cause it really annoys me.

About Mouryou no Hako, guess what I watch it because how famous it is and even have a live movie adaptation. But a few episodes in tothe story, I realized I am watching a totally physco anime. It is so mind fucking (to me at least)

I don't really like Gosick though. 

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