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After looking over my past reviews here and my newer ones on MAL, I admit I was wrong, grealy wrong with the first review for this.

The story- The story was.. how can I say, adiquite.. descent enough that kept you somewhat entertained to watch the movie through. I didn't like it however seeing as it looked like something I've seen many times before within the Bleach series. Two friends, rivals, one becomes a villian and banned from the Soul Society after a fight with the other who became captain. Comes back to have his revenge. Hm.. it may seem interesting at first glance but once you watch it you'll notice a re-accuring theme within the entire series. So I will only rate it a 4 seeing as it was pretty descent enough to keep me entertained.

Animation- I can honestly say that the animation was the only other thing that had me fasinated. It was probably the only thing I found that I could stand without become bored. You have pretty good graphics and the characters look a little better then the original series itself.. kinda like a 3-D sort of effect but without it really being 3-D.

The sound- The sound was pretty good as well, I say a fair 6 would be a good rating to discribe it. They may have captured sword sounds, wind effects, but I felt that there was a great deal more they could have improved on.

Characters- There was always something about the characters that would tick me off. Wether it was how annoying Ichigo was and some of the captians, or how girlie they made the female characters are.. I just can't get into them, really. I found that Ichigo no matter who played him his voice was annoying, his attitude was annoying.. a great deal about him was all annoying. Toshi.. or better yet Captian Hitsuguya... I still found him pretty annoying even if the story was about him this time instead of Ichigo.. something about his bratty attitude rubs me the wrong way.. Overall all the characters have something that kills me to the point I want to strangle.

Overall- I give it a 4.6.. even if the story was poor and the characters annoyed me to that point 'points above head' I found that the sound, animation and a descent story was pretty good. You can keep somewhat entertained if you are someone like me, or if you are a complete Bleach fan then this is something that you'd probably obsess over seeing. Either way it somewhat of a good watch.

4/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
4.6/10 overall
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