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Black Butler


The story is of Sebastian Michaelis as he works for his young master; a 12 (to 13) year old boy named Ciel Phantomhive. But their is more to this duo then meets the eye, Sebastian is actually a demon that is under contract to Ciel, working for him until the day that he can claim the boy's soul. (I'm stopping their I do not wish to give much away if one has not read it yet.).

The story if very interesting, with side trips of humor, and tradigy flowing through it as the story progresses. It really has one begging for the next chapter to come quickly as soon as it stops. Most shonen manga's I read are just to boring but this story brings a interesting twist to it all and I really love it for that. It would keep you guessing and if you were a ff.net user like me; you'd probably have stories just flowing through your head on the close relationship between Ciel and Sebastian (they are not in love..).

Fantastic works of art, I thought Toboso-sensei really captured the victorian era real well. The background art and character clothing was drawn really well, (though sometimes it looked a bit scratchy; no offense to anyone.).

The characters were all an interesting bunch, the maid for exsample through her clumsy and crushes for Sebastian, Finnian with his cheerful yet exstordinary strength, Bard his interest in using a flamethrower in the kitchen..They are funny character's (even though they are side.). Then we have Agni with his right hand of God and prince Soma from India they sort of annoyed me but brought up a good laugh now and again. Elizabeth; now she really would have you annoyed...but then you remember why she was their. Finally, Sebastian and Ciel. Sebastian with his beautiful red eyes, calm posser, interest for cats, and a skillful way of doing things. Ciel with his love for games, sweet tooth, his cold hearted attitude, interest in seeing Sebastian fail and working for the Queen as her watch dog... Lets just say you'd probably fall in love with them quite quickly.

Overall, I do recommend this manga to anyone who's looking for a twist in shonen or just looking for some interesting recipes to try out. The story is an interesting one, the art is fantastic and very well done, the translations aren't so bad either, the character's great... (Uh.. excuss me I was rambling again..).

(Note: I might come back and edit it a bit seeing as I have written it while half asleep.)

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Black Butler user review by LovelyWickedDescet

Black Butler

overall score: 10/10

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User Review Scores

  • Story 9/10
  • Art 8/10
  • Characters 9/10
  • Overall 10/10

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