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Eureka Seven

Nov 6, 2009

As I said before, I am not one for romance. So do not blame me if I bash it slightly in any of my reviews.

The Story- 7.5 The story was an interesting tell from beginning to end. I liked that it showed some inner conflicted and didn't make it sound so.. well embaressing like most. It also didn't through a ' I-love-You' and ' I-love-You-to' right off the bat, instead they let it grow and blossom to full term during the series. Now this story was a show of true romance and I quite enjoyed it, but it did have it fault where some scenes were unnessacary, and parts of the story were what I felt left out. But it was good and I enjoyed it, yet I shifted ever so slight with my opinion so it was rated as such.

The Animation- 8 I liked the animation to. Though it was overlly bright for my liking but it was good. The emotions can be shown on their faces and they didn't over do it, they showed fantastic battle scenes, blood, and color throughout the whole event. I think the openings were the most rememberable of the entier story though.

Sound- 6.3 The sound was alright, but it did miss it mark a few times. I also felt that it sometimes didn't match and that some of the voice actors sounded lazy. It could have been better to put it buntly, but it was fair as well as was it poor.

Characters- 6 The characters were fair in my opinion. They showed inner conflicted with themselves, they over did the suicidal tendencies a little bit much but they were alright. I didn't mind them much sometimes my attention were distracted by what was going on in the background, so there was another fault, your suppose to be able to have your attention on the main character's at all times but they made me loose boredom quite soon.

My Overall Rating for this- 6.8. Why a six point eight, well I gave you two reasons why the character's and sound. As I said I found my self annoyed with the sound at the best of times and the character's weren't any better, the animation was also lacking in some places but the story was good. So It was fair as well as was it very likeable.

7.5/10 story
8/10 animation
6.3/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.8/10 overall
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