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Nov 5, 2009

Okay I found time to edit this review along with my others.

Story- I rated it a 5.. meidicore. I suppose at first glance you see it as an interesting anime to watch, but then once it gets past a certain battle scene with Naruto and Sasuke it just looses its point after that. The story is of a boy who has had a demon sealed inside him shortly after his birth, growing up being tormented by his villiage yet this does not crush him. Basically this story is about Naruto and his journey to live his dream of one day becoming Hokage. I would say what got me to watch it was not the story or discription of it but the cimmersals that revealed little of the story itself. Do not let them fool you though there are some minor spots where it has nothing at all to do with the story and are just plan annoying to the watcher.

Animation- A 6.1. Why? Lets put it this way.. even though the story was somewhat good and somewhat bad the animation I have to say is better then most others. You can see better emotion, the actions displays that show chakra (energy) flows were fantastic.. All good it was fair.

Sound- Sometimes I wish that english dubbing companies would take the time to actually find the right voice for the characters. Naruto was somewhat of a dead ringer for his voice and his Japanese voice.. made him sound girlie but it was good. Sasuke's I didn't like all that much, and Sakura's well sometimes I found her good natured or fangirl tone highly annoying and you notice the traits within each character. The sound of weapons clashing was a bit off but yet acquiret. The sound of the elements was a dead ringer, but the sound for chakra sometimes the wooshing noise does get annoying.

Characters- Oh boy.. The characters.. Now I dislike the characters.. one of my friends would disagree with me on this but then again she is a high ranged fan girl that let it get the better side of her.. (I have to admit it sounded alot like that with my un-edited reviews.). The characters I found highly, highly irriatable. One was not just of the voice actors... but personalities, clothing, skills and more. Who to start with.. Sakura and Ino the two # 1 Sasuke fans.. Really letting a boy get in the way of ninja training.. how disgraceful. Sasuke- moody arse little boy who I just wanted to punch.. Iruka- Can I say overly worried. Jiraya- Massive pervert, Tsunade- high tempered, Orochimaru- Irritation with a slight chance of breaking your neck.. So many characters with such massive flauts that would get your blood pumping when your reminded of them.. Well that is in my case.  I didn't enjoy them completely there was some good traits but not much.

Overall- This is just my guess upon what the official rating would be seeing as I rated the story a 5, animation 6.1, sound 4, characters 2.3, or would it be 4.3.. Oh well if this rating is wrong you'll tell me, right? I may not have enjoyed it past Sasuke and Naruto's big battle and mostly during the chunin exams but this was okay, it does entertain you and you have a few memberable songs to listen to.

5/10 story
6.1/10 animation
4/10 sound
2.3/10 characters
5.3/10 overall
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ThePervertPrince Mar 20, 2011

I agree a lot of the characters are cliche stereotypes but, seriosuly, Iruka? Wow. You're the first person I've ever met who doesn't like Iruka.

Newtti Apr 23, 2010

Kabuto is intresting.

goldenphoenix101 Feb 5, 2010

Decent review, althought I'm a little miffed because it did contain several spoilers

Grazzt Dec 31, 2009

I just cant get past tho whole kiddy aspect of evertying.. Sauske and sakura just annoy the hell out of me.. oh, who am i kidding so does naruto.. There isnt any likeable characters in this anime.. =/ .. Sauske is just emo, sakura just thinks about sauske all day and doesnt give a crap about anything else.. Naruto is a whinny bitch half the time.. /sigh time to get back to watching blood+ so i dont want to stab my eyes out..

Acespades Nov 5, 2009

it is very long but quite interesting